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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

McDonald's and Gymboree

Sunday after we took Tiger's body to the vet, Kaitlynn wanted to go to McDonald's to play. We went to one near the vet's office, but Kaitlynn didn't do much playing. She seemed kind of sad.
But once we got to the Mall, she seemed to snap out of her sadness (or whatever was bothering her). She played at the play area, then went shopping at Gymboree (had to use those Gymbucks).
And on a different note:
Our tomato plants are doing well. We actually had some bigger ones ripen, too.

Monday, July 27, 2009

A Scrapbook for Tiger

While I was crying in the basement, Dave and Kaitlynn were hugging me. Kaitlynn wanted to know what I was crying about, so I let her see Tiger's body. We told her that Tiger went night-night for good and that he was in heaven. Later we told her that he was in heaven with PawPaw Dado.
Dave put Tiger's body in a box so we could take him to the vet. Kaitlynn wanted to see him one last time.
We took Tiger's body to the vet. We are having him cremated and will get his ashes in about 2 weeks. Leaving his body in a box on the counter at the vet was such a hard thing to do.

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My Best Friend Tiger

On Sunday afternoon, Dave and Kaitlynn went downstairs to feed the cats because Pumpkin (our calico) kept crying at me. He came back upstairs and said that Tiger was laying in the basement by the litter pans and it didn't look good. I went downstairs and he was dead. I just dropped to my knees and started crying. I couldn't believe my cat was gone. A few days ago, when MawMaw was over, she said she was worried about how skinny he had gotten. I told her that Dave thought Tiger was using the bathroom upstairs instead of in the litter box. She said she thought we should have him put to sleep. I told her that I didn't want to be the one to make that decision. I told her that I wished if it was time for him to go, he would go on his own. Well he did. But it didn't make it any easier.

I got Tiger 20 years ago at The Best of Nature on Watson Road. It was a plant shop and for some reason they also had kittens for sale. I cried and begged my dad for this little grey and black striped kitten. I promised I would take care of him. We bought him for $5. It was the best $5 ever spent. I got the most loyal pet ever. He was such a good cat from the start. He loved taking naps with me or my mom. He was such a good best friend to me. I know to some people that sounds crazy, but he was a good friend. He would listen to me rant about things or rave about things. He always showed me unconditional love. He was always there for me. I wish that everyone could experience a pet like him.

We celebrated his birthday on June 13th. We don't really know when he was born, but that was a day we designated for his day. He turned 20 this year. He will be missed so much.

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Zoo Again

Saturday, we had several things planned, but had to cancel all of them. I didn't sleep well Friday night and was sick on Saturday. For those that know me IRL, you know the real deal. Dave took Kaitlynn out, so I could get some rest. They went to lunch and then to the Zoo. That's where Kaitlynn wanted to go.
Kaitlynn under the Cardinals' All-Star arch in Forest Park.
Kaitlynn rode the puffin the first round on the carousel.
She rode on the baby gorilla the second time around.
Third time around, Kaitlynn got on the tiger, then decided she wanted to ride the caterpillar.
At Jungle of the Apes
Mommy and daughter
Kaitlynn likes to watch the sun bears.
I am so bummed because I have not seen the new lion. I have only seen the lioness.
Kaitlynn fell asleep for the last half hour they were at the Zoo, so she didn't get her picture under this All-Star arch.
Dave and Kaitlynn said they had a great time. I love when they spend time together.

Botanical Garden and Jungle Boogie

On Friday Kaitlynn, Olivia and I met Emily and Ella at Botanical Garden. It was Henry Shaw's birthday so they were offering free admission to the Garden, including the Children's Garden. We had a nice time, but it was so flipping hot outside. Emily looks so cute with her baby bump!

That evening Kaitlynn and I met daddy at the Zoo for Jungle Boogie. We rode the train as soon as daddy arrived. We didn't want to miss it like last week.
After the train ride, Kaitlynn rode the carousel a few times.
She likes riding the puffin now.
We ate dinner by the sea lions and listened to The Mighty Big Band play. They are a Blues / Jam band. They were pretty good.
We went to Historic Hill.
Kaitlynn was following these birds around. We think they are young peacocks, but not sure.
Kaitlynn had a blue mouth from a blue ring pop (sucker).
It is mating season for the penguins. One of the penguin's wings is over the other one's back. Super sweet!
Kaitlynn loves to play on the rocks outside the Zoo's Living World. She has to do this before we leave the Zoo.

Pull Ups

Kaitlynn has been wearing pull ups since Wednesday. We are not potty training yet, though. Tuesday night when we were at Target, she wanted to sit on the potty and she wanted big girl panties. MawMaw bought her 18 pairs! So I figured a good way to get her used to pulling her panties down was to start by wearing pull ups. I have heard that using pull ups to potty train is not a good idea because they are just a glorified diaper. We have made some progress. She pee peed on the potty at least once on Thursday and on Friday. The other days she didn't, but it was more from our lack of making the potty available. I am not used to this potty thing. It is a lot of work to make sure you are near a potty. I really like using pull ups instead of diapers. They are so easy to pull off and change. So for now, we are using pull ups with no pressure to potty train.

Belly Laughs

I just had to post these pictures of Kaitlynn from Thursday. Kaitlynn, Olivia and I took MawMaw to an appointment. We waited in the car. Kaitlynn read books and Olivia napped.

Then we went back to our house and the belly laughing began.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Star Studded Concert

Look at all the cherry tomatoes we have! Home grown are the best.
Kaitlynn sitting on the potty talking to daddy.
After Olivia left on Wednesday, we went to MawMaw's. MawMaw went with Kaitlynn and I to the Star Studded Concert at Kangaroo Kids. Kaitlynn dressed in her "ballerina" outfit.
She walked the red carpet.
The kids played, ate snacks (granola bars, fruit snacks, ring pops) and drank juice.
Kindermusik was there to do a session with the kids. It took Kaitlynn a few minutes to get comfortable, but then she really got into it and enjoyed it. She loves music. They played with sticks and bells.
They played with scarves.
She had a good time. Kangaroo Kids gave all the attendees a special discount off their entire purchase. MawMaw and I found some cute things for Kaitlynn.

Here are two videos of Kaitlynn during the Kindermusik session.

Drace Park

Monday the 20th, Kaitlynn and I met Katie and Luke at Drace Park. At first, Kaitlynn didn't have much to do with Luke. She wanted to push me on the swings. Then eventually she warmed up to playing with him. This was our first time at Drace and we really liked it. It's a small park, but has enough to keep the kids busy.
We went to the Early Childhood Center and registered for a fall class. Kaitlynn was upset that she wasn't able to stay. She started walking back to the room her classes are usually in and kept saying "class."
We went to MawMaw's so she could watch Kaitlynn for a few hours. Later Kaitlynn and I took MawMaw to a doctor's appointment. We had dinner at El Nopal.
Tuesday I babysat Olivia. Kaitlynn, Olivia, and I went to Kangaroo Kids to meet Eileen, Gabe and Merci. Eileen called and said that they weren't going to be able to make it. I asked Kaitlynn if she wanted to go back home. She said no, that she wanted to play with Gabe. I had to explain to her a few times why she couldn't play with him before she stopped asking. Then she started asking about Ella.
We went home to eat lunch before the photographer from the Associated Press came over. Last week I did an interview with this lady on the struggle to be the perfect housewife. She sent over a photographer for the article. The photographer photographed Kaitlynn helping with the dishes, feeding Bailey (the dog), bagging up the trash and doing artwork.
After he left, Kaitlynn started crying. She told me the photographer reminded her of PawPaw Dado. Poor baby! He did kind of resemble my dad. I just can't believe that she remembers him so well. I am so happy that she does.

Healthy You and Safe Summer

Saturday, July 18th, we went to the Botanical Garden. They were having a Healthy You, Healthy Planet Festival.
At the Kid's Corner, Kaitlynn made some chex mix / trail mix, decorated a sock puppet and started on a bead bracelet.
We went through the Climatron and then to the Children's Garden. Before entering the Children's Garden, there was another kid's station set up with crafts. Kaitlynn made a caterpillar and a sail boat.
We went to the Children's Garden where Kaitlynn ran around and played until she saw Finn the frog. She does not like costumed characters at all. They totally freak her out.
She loves playing on the sheep.
She was very excited to feed the koi fish.
Chasing after daddy!

After the Garden, we picked up MawMaw and went to the Mills Mall. Kaitlynn is in the kid's club and they were having a Safe Summer Event. There was a firetruck outside the mall that the kids could climb in. Kaitlynn said she was scared of it. She met a few firemen, got a fire chief hat, stickers, and a sucker. She also got an ice cream bowl and spoon and a rubber duckie.
The activity was making a bug jar. Kaitlynn was too interested in eating her sucker, so MawMaw put the stickers on the bug jar. It was a super cute idea. Kaitlynn is interested in lightning bugs now, but is afraid to hold them. So now she can examine them without holding them.
After eating lunch and walking around the mall, we went into Cabella's. We love going into that store because of the awesome displays. Kaitlynn loved the Albino Catfish. She kept saying "come here, baby."
Then she said she wanted this fish pillow for her bed.
Here is a video of Kaitlynn and Daddy playing the Xylophone in the Children's Garden.