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Monday, July 27, 2009

Botanical Garden and Jungle Boogie

On Friday Kaitlynn, Olivia and I met Emily and Ella at Botanical Garden. It was Henry Shaw's birthday so they were offering free admission to the Garden, including the Children's Garden. We had a nice time, but it was so flipping hot outside. Emily looks so cute with her baby bump!

That evening Kaitlynn and I met daddy at the Zoo for Jungle Boogie. We rode the train as soon as daddy arrived. We didn't want to miss it like last week.
After the train ride, Kaitlynn rode the carousel a few times.
She likes riding the puffin now.
We ate dinner by the sea lions and listened to The Mighty Big Band play. They are a Blues / Jam band. They were pretty good.
We went to Historic Hill.
Kaitlynn was following these birds around. We think they are young peacocks, but not sure.
Kaitlynn had a blue mouth from a blue ring pop (sucker).
It is mating season for the penguins. One of the penguin's wings is over the other one's back. Super sweet!
Kaitlynn loves to play on the rocks outside the Zoo's Living World. She has to do this before we leave the Zoo.

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  1. We had a great time with you two at MOBOT. It sure was hot!