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Saturday, July 25, 2009

Double Dose of the Zoo

Friday, July 17th, Kaitlynn, Olivia, MawMaw and I went to the Zoo. MawMaw had the day off from work. We didn't get to the Zoo until lunch time, so we didn't see much before we had to take a break to eat.

Kaitlynn liked watching the tortoises eating.

She had fun playing in the water fountain.

We didn't get to stay at the Zoo too long because I had to get Olivia back to the house in time for her dad to pick her up. We dropped MawMaw off and went home.

After Dave got home from work, we went back to the Zoo for Jungle Boogie. The Charles Glenn band was playing. They are a Jazz / R&B group.

We ate dinner as soon as we got to the Zoo. Kaitlynn rode the carousel. She rode on the puffin, which went up and down. She is getting braver.

We went to Big Cat Country.
The Puma

The Lioness

The male Amur Leopard

Snow Leopards - we rarely see them out.
Kaitlynn had to see the Sea Lions before we left the Zoo.
She likes playing on the rocks outside the Zoo.

We had a good time at Jungle Boogie. Good music and lots of animals out.

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