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Saturday, July 25, 2009

Healthy You and Safe Summer

Saturday, July 18th, we went to the Botanical Garden. They were having a Healthy You, Healthy Planet Festival.
At the Kid's Corner, Kaitlynn made some chex mix / trail mix, decorated a sock puppet and started on a bead bracelet.
We went through the Climatron and then to the Children's Garden. Before entering the Children's Garden, there was another kid's station set up with crafts. Kaitlynn made a caterpillar and a sail boat.
We went to the Children's Garden where Kaitlynn ran around and played until she saw Finn the frog. She does not like costumed characters at all. They totally freak her out.
She loves playing on the sheep.
She was very excited to feed the koi fish.
Chasing after daddy!

After the Garden, we picked up MawMaw and went to the Mills Mall. Kaitlynn is in the kid's club and they were having a Safe Summer Event. There was a firetruck outside the mall that the kids could climb in. Kaitlynn said she was scared of it. She met a few firemen, got a fire chief hat, stickers, and a sucker. She also got an ice cream bowl and spoon and a rubber duckie.
The activity was making a bug jar. Kaitlynn was too interested in eating her sucker, so MawMaw put the stickers on the bug jar. It was a super cute idea. Kaitlynn is interested in lightning bugs now, but is afraid to hold them. So now she can examine them without holding them.
After eating lunch and walking around the mall, we went into Cabella's. We love going into that store because of the awesome displays. Kaitlynn loved the Albino Catfish. She kept saying "come here, baby."
Then she said she wanted this fish pillow for her bed.
Here is a video of Kaitlynn and Daddy playing the Xylophone in the Children's Garden.

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