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Monday, July 27, 2009

Pull Ups

Kaitlynn has been wearing pull ups since Wednesday. We are not potty training yet, though. Tuesday night when we were at Target, she wanted to sit on the potty and she wanted big girl panties. MawMaw bought her 18 pairs! So I figured a good way to get her used to pulling her panties down was to start by wearing pull ups. I have heard that using pull ups to potty train is not a good idea because they are just a glorified diaper. We have made some progress. She pee peed on the potty at least once on Thursday and on Friday. The other days she didn't, but it was more from our lack of making the potty available. I am not used to this potty thing. It is a lot of work to make sure you are near a potty. I really like using pull ups instead of diapers. They are so easy to pull off and change. So for now, we are using pull ups with no pressure to potty train.