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Saturday, August 22, 2009

Addison's Birthday Party

Saturday, August 15th Dave, Kaitlynn and I went to Addison's 2nd birthday party at New Ballwin Park. Addison is really into Dora, so that was the theme for the party.
These first 2 pictures were taken before the party. We typically let Kaitlynn decorate her friends' birthday cards before we put them in the envelope.
Kaitlynn, apparently wasn't done decorating it, and started pouting. She is so expressive.
She's thinking about whether she is going to give me the card back or not.
Kaitlynn loves juice boxes.
Addison and Kaitlynn bouncing in the bouncy house.
"Addison, where are you?"
Kaitlynn and Bailey bouncing in the bounce house.
Addison giving Kaitlynn and Bailey their party bags.

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