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Saturday, August 15, 2009

Dental Visit

Thursday July 30, I babysat Olivia. Kaitlynn had a dental appointment. The visit was for a cleaning. Kaitlynn was so excited to see the dentist. When they called her name, she headed for the door without me (and Olivia). She got to pick a toothbrush at the beginning of the appointment. She picked an Eeyore one (from Winnie the Pooh). She also got to choose what flavor toothpaste and cleaning gel she wanted. She chose strawberry. The hygenist brushed Kaitlynn's teeth, flossed them, cleaned them and then used a fluoride treatment. Kaitlynn was fine with the teethbrushing, but did not like the flossing. The dentist looked at Kaitlynn's teeth and said they were perfect. She asked about Kaitlynn's brushing habits and said to keep doing what we are doing. Then the hygenist brought Kaitlynn a crown and some stickers. Kaitlynn was so proud of herself. And mommy was so proud of Kaitlynn!

We called daddy to tell him how the appointment went. She had to talk to daddy and tell him that she was crying in the dentist's office (because she didn't like the flossing). When he didn't give her the sympathy she was looking for, she wanted to call MawMaw. She talked to MawMaw and then decided that she needed to call Neese and tell her, too. What a drama queen!!!

We went to MawMaw's to visit with MawMaw Tommie and Brayden (and of course MawMaw, too). Kaitlynn was treated to her favorite, McDonald's, for lunch. She stayed with MawMaw, while I took Olivia home.

When I came back, I changed Kaitlynn's clothes. She had a pink dress on that had butterflies on it. She said 5 butterflies, so MawMaw started counting them with her. Sure enough, Kaitlynn was right. There were 5 butterflies on her dress! We ran some errands and then went to dinner at Olive Garden.

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