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Wednesday, August 19, 2009


Late Monday the 3rd, Kaitlynn was running a fever of 104.2 and was up almost all night. I called the pediatrician's exchange and talked with a nurse. They said that Kaitlynn should see her pediatrician the next day unless her fever got to 105, then she needed to be seen immediately. Tuesday early morning, I took Kaitlynn's temperature every 4 or so hours. It ranged from 101 to 102.5. I called the pediatrician's office and scheduled an appointment. Her pediatrician is out on maternity leave, but we were able to see another pediatrician that had seen Kaitlynn before. The doctor said that Kaitlynn's ears and throat looked great, no signs of strep. It was an undiagnosable virus and we needed to just monitor her. After the appointment Kaitlynn's temperature started going down and getting closer to normal (99.6 to 100).

Sunday I had promised Kaitlynn that we would go to the Zoo on Tuesday. Well she remembered and wanted to go. She wouldn't take no for an answer. Her temperature was OK and the doctor said she wasn't contagious. We were still babysitting (Olivia), too. We decided to go. We picked up MawMaw and went. Let me just say BIG MISTAKE!
We rode the train as soon as we got to the Zoo. Kaitlynn got so upset with me while we were on the train. I was holding Olivia and this little girl sitting in front of us kept looking back and talking to me. Kaitlynn did not like the girl for some reason and kept giving her dirty looks and turning her head away when she would talk to me. Then the girl reached back and touched Olivia's hand / arm. Kaitlynn told her no and pushed her hands away. I told Kaitlynn it was OK. I got the look of death from her. Oh, boy if looks could kill, Kaitlynn would have struck me dead.
Her feelings were so hurt. She had to move to the seat behind me to sit with MawMaw. Then she came back up to sit with me because she said she wasn't feeling well. I felt her head and it was starting to get warm again.

We got off the train, and almost immediately I realized that I lost our Zoo membership card while on the train. It fell out of my pocket. I ran back to the train station and told the guy at the booth. He said that I would just have to wait and see if someone turned it in. I started freaking out because not only did we still have benefits left from this year, but we also just renewed and had all our benefits for the new year. All I could think about was the card being wiped clean. I went to the Guest Services Desk and the first girl I talked to was not helpful, at all. She said well, I would just forget about that card and renew your membership. What the hell? What kind of help is that? I told her we already renewed our membership for the new year. She gave me a phone number to call. I called the number and had to leave a message. Then I talked to another lady at the Guest Services Desk and she calmed me down a bit. I was still freaking out though. I talked to the membership people and things got worked out. Then I went back to the train station and someone had turned the card in. I was so excited! I said a prayer for God to bless the person(s) that turned our card in. I would have hugged the guy at the booth, if he hadn't been enclosed in the booth.
Kaitlynn passed out from all the excitement and from not feeling well.
Olivia was just chilling out in the sling.
Kaitlynn's fever stayed around 102.1 to 103 the rest of the evening.

Wednesday the fever continued. It was between 102 and 103 until mid morning. It seemed to be coming down (100.3 and 99.8), but shot back up to 102.2 that afternoon.
Thursday the fever continued. It was between 102.5 to 104.4 until late that evening when it got down to 100.3. I was so scared when it was at 104.4. It just made me so nervous.
Friday the fever fluctuated between 100 and 101.1 and then started heading back to normal. Thank God!

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