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Saturday, August 15, 2009

First Haircut

Saturday the 1st, Dave, MawMaw and I took Kaitlynn to get her first haircut. We decided to go to The Hairy Elephant.
Getting her hair washed - MawMaw had to help
Kaitlynn didn't mind laying down on the table to get her hair washed, but was not comfortable with putting her head in the little dip in the sink. I'm sure it was a weird feeling and was a little uncomfortable.
After getting her hair washed, she got to pick out a movie. She chose a Barbie movie.
Waiting for the movie to start
Ready for her haircut
She did great while Jozie was cutting her hair
She was so excited about it
Getting her hair blow dryed
After the blow dry, Jozie put some kid's foaming mouse in her hair. Then Kaitlynn got to pick out which hair clips she wanted.
Jozie took Kaitlynn's picture for her First Haircut Certificate
Showing off her new 'do and new ring. MawMaw just had to buy her a ring (and a bottle of shampoo).
Here is a video of Kaitlynn while she was getting her haircut

We had dinner at Chris' Pancakes and then went to MawMaw's.

Kaitlynn continues to wear pull-ups for now. She did pee on the potty 2 times through out the day.

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  1. I love the photos. Kaitlynn looks so grown up. x