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Sunday, August 30, 2009

Friends and Family

Friday, Kaitlynn, Olivia and I met Eileen, Gabe and Merci at the Zoo. We went into the Children's Zoo first.
Kaitlynn and Gabe had fun playing "leap frog"! They also found some mud puddles to play in and get really dirty.
We went into River's Edge, where Lisa, Brendan and Molly met up with us for lunch.
After River's Edge, Eileen, Gabe and Merci went home. Lisa, Brendan, Molly, Kaitlynn, Olivia and I stayed to see the bears and penguins.
Kaitlynn's shorts were so dirty from the mud puddle, but at least she had fun!
It was great seeing Lisa and Brendan and meeting Molly. Kaitlynn and I met Lisa and Brendan at Kangaroo Kids when we attending the Nursing Moms Group. Molly was added to the family in April. I can't believe how big our kiddos are getting.
Friday evening, MawMaw, Dave, Kaitlynn and I went to my brother and SIL's for dinner. It was great catching up with them and seeing the kids. We brought them a bunch of tomatoes from our garden because our window sill is totally full. We had a great time drinking margaritas and beer and dinner was great. Kaitlynn loves Sissy (my niece) and would not leave her alone. She also likes Nate (my nephew), but was a little shy because he had 2 friends over. She is shy of older boys.


  1. It sounds like you had a lot of fun. Glad you got to spend time with the family.