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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Getting Lucky

Tuesday, Kaitlynn, Olivia and I went to lunch with MawMaw. After Olivia went home, MawMaw and I gathered some baby stuff from around the house and took it to Kangaroo Kids. They bought a good portion of the stuff and I totally got lucky. As MawMaw was carrying in a box of clothes, she saw a double stroller (Sit n Stand LX) at the counter and asked Sierra (the owner) if it was for sale. Sierra said it was. It had just been brought in that morning or afternoon. We checked it out and Kaitlynn was in love. I used the money from the things they bought to help pay for it. We also found some super cute fall and winter outfits that they just put out.

We went to Once Upon A Child with the rest of the stuff, but they only bought 2 things. They claimed the stuff had stains or too old of tags. If you know me, you know the stuff didn't have stains. I am a fanatic about stains. Dave and my mom got so irritated with me about stains on Kaitlynn's clothes. I will wash them for 2 months straight just to get a tiny little stain out. I probably won't waste my time with OUAC again. I'll just stick with Kangaroo Kids.


  1. I've heard OUAC isn't worth taking anything to. But i haven't had much luck with KK either though. Maybe my clothes just suck, who knows. I honestly do a lot better selling them online but I hate how much more work it takes.

  2. Love Kangaroo Kids. :) Agreed, online is more profitable but also more work.

  3. I might have to try online selling.