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Saturday, August 22, 2009

Pictures from the end of July

Pictures from Suson Park on July 27th
Kaitlynn and Kylie
Ellinor and Kaitlynn
This was one huge pig!
Kaitlynn and Ellinor
Kaitlynn and Kylie
Trying to get a picture of Kaitlynn, Colton and Kylie in the farm scene
Kylie and Kaitlynn
Kaitlynn and Colton
At the playground

Not sure if she is trying to be mean to Kylie or nice to her in this picture
MawMaw and Kaitlynn at El Maguey's
Grant's Farm on July 28th with Daddy and Olivia
The goats were very aggressive that day and freaked Kaitlynn out.
Daddy had to hold Kaitlynn in the goat pen
Feeding the llamas
Feeding Olivia cereal
Wearing MawMaw's jewelry. Getting all dressed up to visit Great Grandma.
Dental Visit on July 29th
Crown, toothbrush and sticker from the dentist's office
My little princess

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