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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Happy Autumn / Fall

Tuesday the 22nd - the first day of fall. I love fall! It is my favorite season. I love the leaves changing colors and the cooler temperatures. I look forward to drinking coffee and hot tea and eating chili and soups.

Not in line with the first day of fall, but an accomplishment of Kaitlynn's on the 22nd was that she pooped in the potty. She has done this once before, but is struggling with it. Her reward for pooping in the potty was "soda." Dave went to Trader Joe's and got the "healthiest" soda (is that possible?) Kaitlynn was so excited. She was dancing all over the house. It was super cute!
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Later that evening, Dave met me at the ECC for APPLES to ZUCCHINI Healthy Meals for Happy Kids seminar. It was presented by a St. Louis Children’s Hospital Dietician. We got some great information. The main thing discussed was portion size, which is a very important thing. The portion size for a 1-2 year old is very different than that of a 3-5 year old and a 6+ year old.

We had to drop one of our cars off at the shop because it needed new brakes. So Kaitlynn and I were without a car. Thankfully Dave was on vacation (although he still had classes).


  1. Hi, your daughter is so beautiful! I think that is so great that you watch what she eats. Our kids need the best nutrition they can get for an healthy life. Nice blog! I'm following you.