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Sunday, September 6, 2009

Kaitlynn's Funnies and Other Randomness

Kaitlynn likes to call me "stinkerbutt". I called her this one day and it stuck with her.

Tonight after Kaitlynn got off the phone with MawMaw she said "I love her sooo much!"

Before bed, daddy made Kaitlynn some popcorn. Kaitlynn was standing on her bed and fell into the popcorn bowl. Total Chris Farley moment!

She has a great memory. She will remind me of when I got mad at this and that or when we did this or that. I don't think she forgets a thing.

Yesterday at the Greek Festival, we shared the table we were sitting at with an older couple. Kaitlynn was kind of bashful / shy of them at first. The lady kept smiling at Kaitlynn and made sure Kaitlynn got some beads that were being handed out to the "audience" during the Greek Folk dancing. When they got up to leave, Kaitlynn said "she's pretty." I think it is so cool that she associates beauty with the way someone treats her. Beauty is on the inside!

Kaitlynn knows how to manipulate. One day she wanted to go somewhere and I told her we would go after I got ready. She kept getting into trouble, so I told her that we weren't going if she kept it up. She came in the bathroom while I was getting ready and said "you are so pretty." She will randomly come up to me and tell me that I am pretty or beautiful. I love it!

Sometimes when you tell her you love her, she says "I know that!"

I also love how when you ask her a question and the answer is yes, she says "yes" not yeah.


  1. Hi. Great blog. Kids are so funny. My daughter is 2.

  2. I love how she's manipulating already!

    That's too funny that she fell into the popcorn bowl. :)

  3. Kids are funny and they get very smart very quick... They know how to play the game.. and we secretly love it!

  4. Your daughter sounds so expressive. I love how you acknowledge that she's talking about her overall impression of people she meets when she says "she's pretty", or "beautiful". What a wonderful thing to encourage.