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Sunday, September 20, 2009

Potty Training Adventure

Tuesday, we started the potty training experience. Thankfully Dave was on vacation because I was also babysitting Olivia. The first few hours were full of cleaning up pee and changing panties. Kaitlynn would tell us she had to go potty or that she was peeing (but would pee in her panties before getting to the potty). She was super excited about her big girl panties and I think just wanted to get a new pair of panties on. Each time she would run to her drawer and say "These are so cute. Oh thank you." The coolness / newness of the different big girl panties wore off thankfully (after a few hours) and she continued telling us when she had to go potty, but holding it until we made it to the bathroom. She did have a few "accidents" and almost always told us she needed to use the potty. Kaitlynn stayed dry through her nap and bedtime! She woke up once during the night to use the potty.

Wednesday (day 2 of our potty training adventure) went better than the first day. Miss Amy (P.A.T. Educator) came for her first visit of the school year. Kaitlynn enjoyed having her visit. It went really well. They talked about shapes, colors, counting, matching and animals. All things Kaitlynn is familiar with. Kaitlynn did have an "accident" while Miss Amy was over. I think it was due to her excitement about Miss Amy being over and she just forgot. Kaitlynn wasn't too sure of pooping on the potty. We tried to get her to sit on the potty, but she just couldn't. We let her poop in her panties and then had her sit on the potty and pretended like she finished pooping on the potty. She said her poop "looked like a turtle." What? Funny girl! Later that evening I called Kaitlynn "babe." She said "I not a baby." I said "I know, I called you babe not baby." She said "My name Kaitlynn." I got a big kick out of that. Kaitlynn continued to stay dry through her nap and bedtime. She didn't even wake up to go potty throughout the night.

Thursday (day 3) went well. Kaitlynn continued telling us when she had to use the potty. She was still unsure of pooping in the potty, but that will come in time. She stayed dry during her nap and bedtime.

The 3 days were very intense. We are not used to staying home for 3 days in a row. We definitely had "cabin fever." As rewards for using the potty, we did a daily sticker sheet. Kaitlynn enjoyed putting the stickers on the sheet each time she used the potty. Kaitlynn also called MawMaw, Aunt Neese and cousin Hanna to brag to them about being a big girl. For staying dry during her first nap, she got a Halloween flashlight and a pumpkin flashing necklace. For completing her bedtime routine chart (and basically staying dry all night) the first and second nights, she got Halloween pajamas. The third night she got a package of Halloween panties. I am so thankful this worked in 3 days and that we didn't have to change any bedsheets! I am also so proud of my big girl for doing so well with learning to use the potty.

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  1. very sweet - I remember those days well.
    Enjoy them
    Love to you.

  2. Awww I remember those days well. They do have accidents when they get excited. In fact, even now Jason is still having them after being potty trained for a year.

  3. AWESOME AMY! Congrats! So can I call you for advice? :)