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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Room with a Purpose

Saturday night I organized the kitchen cabinets and pantries, cleaned off the counters and got the kitchen back into order. Saturday night and into Sunday morning MawMaw, Dave and I stayed up moving the house around. For too long one of our rooms has gone without a purpose. We never even knew what to call this room. Was it the living room, the sitting room, the den? We referred to it as the room with the fireplace or the middle room. We never really used it. The cats (well, Tiger mainly) took over the room and used the loveseat as his thrown. Since Tiger has passed away, it was just empty. There was no purpose. So, MawMaw came up with a great idea! Why not turn that room into our dining room? Currently we were using the kitchen (which is a decent size) as a kitchen and dining room. It was getting pretty crowded. So we thought MawMaw's idea was great and we were open to trying it out. I had thought about using that room for a dining room before, but just couldn't envision it. MawMaw said it might take time getting used to it, but we loved it immediately. Take a look!
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