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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Bad Night

A few weeks ago, I was at a party and a family member started asking about my mom. He also started questioning me about her finances. I pleaded stupidity basically, because it is none of his damn business. Then he proceeded to basically go off on my father. For those that don't know, my father passed away May 5, 2008. He was a wonderful dad and grandpa. Anyway, this person said that when he passes away, his wife will be taken care of. She won't have to work and that's why he works all the time now. He also told me that my dad didn't make any money and my mom wouldn't get SSS. Basically he is and will always be full of ****. This person is not liked by any family member, not even his own wife or children. He is an ***. I guess it made him feel better to talk bad about my dad, who never did a damn thing to this SOB. We were leaving, but as we were leaving, I got really upset. I guess I handled the situation well with the person, because I just basically ended up walking away from them. I didn't let him know what he was saying bothered me. That would have been giving exactly what he wanted. But as we were leaving, I started getting angrier and angrier. I let this person upset me so bad, I was crying hysterically (after we got back to the car). I called my sister and told her about what happened. She helped me to calm down. I was hurt by this person's words because I just couldn't believe he would have the audacity to say anything to ME about my father, a man who sacrificed so much for his wife and children. I feel my dad gave up so much for us. He doesn't deserve anyone talking bad about him. I guess what I was really upset about, was that I felt I should have defended him. Dave reminded me that my dad doesn't need defending. Even though he is not here to defend himself, his life and family are his defense. He was loved deeply by all of us. He was a man of God.

I feel like I met the devil that night. And I don't want to ever see that ******* again.


  1. What a jerk :(

    Tara @ which can apparently no longer be verified by Blogger.

  2. the sad thing is I believe there is atleast one family member like this in every family
    I stopped by from twitter moms signed up to follow your blog please stop by mine and see if you like what you see as well