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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Happy Birthday Dado

Monday, October 5th was my dad's 66th birthday. This year I really had intentions of starting a tradition in memory of his birthday, but as the date grew closer I just couldn't bring myself to plan anything. It was difficult to be around anyone that day, even my family. As some of you may know, my dad passed away on May 5th, 2008.
I came across this blog post and it really struck a cord with me. I really appreciate this blogger's heartfelt emotion.
I miss my dad everyday. It still feels like a nightmare that he is gone. It is still shocking and hard to believe. Most days I don't know how I will go on without him in my life. Some days I just push forward trying not to think about it. Other days I am extremely angry and upset about his loss and very irritable. Kaitlynn always seems to make things better, though. She will do or say something that reminds me of my dad and in that moment I know he is with us.
I think losing a parent is something that you never get over. It is always with you. There will always be something missing from who you are.
I know that my dad is in Heaven and is no longer in pain, but it is sure hard to deal with the pain / loss in my heart / the emptiness. I will cling to the years of memories I have of him until we meet again.
These pictures were taken on the last birthday we shared with my dad. October 2007. He was 64.
Happy Birthday Dad / PawPaw Dado! We love you and miss you. We will never forget you.


  1. What a beautiful heart-felt post. It is so tough. I lost my dad too, three years ago. I still momentarily forget he has gone. For instance, this week I drove through some new road works and thought I must tell dad about this. Then I remembered.
    Sending you huge (((hugs)))
    I'm sorry for your loss x

  2. I'm sooooo sorry. I lost my dad in June 2008 so I know exactly how you're feeling. I just miss him terribly.

    Whenever something happens that needs to be shared, I just want to be able to tell him about it or show him. I'm sure you feel the very same way.


  3. I'm so sorry to hear about your loss. I know it's hard to get over losing a parent. Hugs!