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Sunday, December 6, 2009

Christmas Lights and St. Nick

Saturday evening on the way to MawMaw's, Kaitlynn and I were looking at Christmas lights and talking about how Christmas and the lights were all in celebration of Jesus' birth. We talked about how Christmas is Jesus' birthday. At one point, Kaitlynn started telling me she couldn't see. She said her eyes wouldn't open. When I looked back at her, she had her eyes closed. She is so silly. She opened them when I pointed out the next display of Christmas lights. In the car, we continued working on left and right and colors. She is pretty good at left and right and knows her colors. Dave met us at MawMaw's. After dinner, we drove around in St. Louis Hills looking at Christmas lights. They do such a great display on several of the streets / neighborhoods around there. We saw the lights on Candy Cane Lane and met Santa. Kaitlynn was freaked out and wanted to go home after seeing him. She is just so scared of him. One of the houses in the area, had a radio station set up to the lights display.

When we got home, Kaitlynn got her piece of candy out of the Christmas Countdown Calendar and then put her stocking out for St. Nick.

I wasn't sure if we were going to celebrate St. Nicholas' Day because I thought it was a Catholic tradition. I grew up Catholic and celebrated the day, but I do not consider myself Catholic anymore. We consider ourselves Christian, more specifically Presbyterian. In doing some research, I found out that it is in fact a Christian and German tradition. I am so excited to continue this tradition with Kaitlynn. When I was younger, I put my shoe outside my bedroom door. With Kaitlynn, we are using her stocking and put it in the hallway between the bedrooms. Can't wait for her to wake up and see what St. Nick brought her!


  1. We'll have to check out the lights in St. Louis Hills!

  2. How wonderful and how exciting for tomorrow!!!

  3. Ella was afraid of Santa last year, too. I'm curious to see how she'll react when we visit him this year. St. Louis Hills looks beautiful!