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Thursday, December 31, 2009

Google Reader

A few days ago, I started reading / skimming through Google Reader. It was at 1000+ posts. I am down to 0 now. Yeah!

It is such a relief to be caught up on the blogs that I read. I follow about 136 blogs. I probably need to cut down and will stop reading the blogs that I never receive comments from. I went through and tried to leave comments on all the blogs that I read that have been updated in the last month. I feel good entering the New Year with Google Reader cleared out.


  1. I relate to this post of yours. Wow 1000+
    I don't have that many. One of my favorite things about blogging is that it's such a smorgasbord of data and like a smorgasbord I can just partake of what I like. And like a smorgasbord, I tend to overeat. XD

  2. Well done on clearing your Google Reader! I love leaving comments, but it's really time consuming. I've had to cut down. So now I try to leave an occasional comment on all the blogs I read, just to let them know I'm still reading! If you tried to leave a comment on every post it would be a full time job!

  3. J.B. - and I am always looking for more or new blogs to read!

    Sandy Calico, you are so right, it would be a FT job. I realize people get busy and can't leave comments all the time or on every post. I don't leave comments all the time or on every post, for sure. I just mean blogs I have been following for quite some time and leaving comments for quite some time and have never received a comment back. My problem is I feel like I "know" them and hate to stop reading, but because it is so time consuming I feel the least someone could do is return the "favor".