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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Photo Shoot

This weekend we had a Christmas photo shoot at our house. Kaitlynn had 4 clothing changes and we took pictures in front of our tree (for the Christmas card). I was so excited because it seemed like we got some great pictures on Saturday. After I downloaded them to the laptop, I realized that we would not be able to use any of them. Apparently, we didn't wipe dinner off her face very well! Oops! We tried again Sunday. Kaitlynn was less patient, but we did get some good photos. Then we went to MawMaw's and she took a few family photos of us.

We went to Pasta House for dinner with MawMaw to celebrate her birthday (again). On the table was a list of people to purchase P.H. gift cards for and on the list was probation officer. I just couldn't believe it said probation officer. How random! I showed the waiter and he couldn't believe it either. We all had such a laugh. The rest of the people on the list were pretty normal, regular people in everyone's lives.

Monday, we ordered our Christmas photo cards and can't wait to get them. The previous years we have done photo cards, we have had them done at JcPenney's. This year we decided to take the pictures ourselves and order them online. I hope we like them.

I also ordered a new cell phone. It was time to upgrade. I can't wait to get it and hope I made the right choice in phones.

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