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Monday, December 21, 2009

Santa at the Caboose

Sunday, December 13th, we took Kaitlynn to see Santa to get her picture with him. When we got there, she said she wanted to go home. We told her that she didn't have to see him if she didn't want to. We also told her that she should tell Santa what she wants for Christmas. She really wants a horse this year. She agreed to see him, but the whole time while waiting, she said she didn't like Santa. We just kept reassuring her and thankfully didn't have a long wait at all. There was one family in with Santa before us. Santa was so nice! He took his white gloves off to show Kaitlynn that he had hands like her. He talked to her and reassured her. She decided she would stand by him, but only with me next to her. Santa gave her a candy cane and she got a coloring book, too.

Afterwards, we took her to McDonald's to treat her to an ice cream cone.

Later that day, I wrapped Christmas presents.

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