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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Sleep Trouble in December

It's 9PM and Kaitlynn is asleep! Yay! For some reason December seems to be a tough month on us in regards to Kaitlynn's sleep. She wants to stay up all night. It seems to happen every December. So what was different today? I don't know, but she got about 12 hours of sleep. She ate really well at mealtimes. She took a shower before dinner, after dinner we did some crafts, then prayed and she passed out almost immediately!

Her prayer was a Thank You to Jesus. She almost made me cry. She said "thank You Jesus for Bailey, my mommy and daddy and Bailey." It was the sweetest prayer I have ever heard. She also said thank You for Fox & the Hound (one of the movies she currently loves to watch - the 2nd one, not so much the original).

Edited later: I spoke too soon. She's awake. We might be pulling an all nighter!

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