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Thursday, December 24, 2009

St. Charles' Christmas Traditions

Saturday Kaitlynn, Dave, MawMaw, Johanna and I met MawMaw Tommie in St. Charles for Christmas Traditions. This is an event we went to last year and we want to keep as a tradition. We walked around Main Street and went into the stores braving the cold weather. Kaitlynn collected the Character cards. We stopped for some coffee / hot chocolate and cookies. We took Kaitlynn to get her picture taken with the Victorian Santa and she freaked out. While in line she said she wanted to go home and that "this is ridiculous." I spent the next several minutes trying to get her to repeat herself for the camera, but of course she wouldn't. It was hilarious! I was kind of surprised that she was freaked out about that Santa because she didn't mind the other characters and santas. We watched the Santa Parade and then gathered at Berthold Square for story telling. We ate lunch at Lewis and Clark's. After lunch we walked around and went into more stores.

We had a great time until I was trying to rush Kaitlynn to the bathroom and twisted my ankle. What a spectacle! It was pretty much over from there, since it hurt to even walk on it.