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Sunday, December 6, 2009

St. Nick's Day

This morning when Kaitlynn woke up, we reminded her about her stocking. She was excited to see what was in it.

This afternoon, while Kaitlynn was supposed to be taking a nap, she got into my stuff. She had the laptop out, painted her fingernails with a clear polish and took this picture.


  1. Looks like she got some great goodies! LOL I had to chuckle at the picture. I find some strange ones on my camera that the kids take. I love the suprises.

  2. Cute! We did St Nicks Day too, but the girls left out their shoes and we put some sweets in them. They each wrote notes. The youngest (4) just put her name. The 5-yr-old put her name and please and thank you. And our nearly 8-yr-old wrote a full-on letter!