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Thursday, August 20, 2009

Losing Someone Special

Saturday we received a call that a client we worked with had passed away. Jimmy was 37 years old and was more than a client. We are friends with him and his family. I helped take care of Jimmy when he came to the agency I used to work for 8 years ago. Dave helped take care of him after I left the agency. Jimmy had severe disabilities. I became close to Jimmy's mom. I met Jimmy's sister and brother. We kind of became part of the family.

It was a shock to hear those words from Dave's mouth. Dave got off the phone with his boss and told me that Jimmy had passed away. What? No, not Jimmy. He hadn't been sick. It seems he had a seizure and died suddenly. We didn't know what to do. We didn't want to burden his mom or family by going to visit them. They needed to grieve right?

Then I remembered how I wished more people would have been with us when my dad passed away last year. It's funny how people shy away from you when you have a death in the family. That's when you need people the most. People will say "call if you need anything." Like you are going to call, you are too busy grieving or in shock. People are afraid to ask how you are doing. It's like a subject that is off limits. And maybe to some people it is or they want to grieve alone. But for me, I know that I needed people and support. I didn't reach out, but waited for people to reach out to me. Losing someone is a time to come together. It's a time when you need people and you need people to not be afraid to support you, grieve with you, talk about it, etc.

We decided to go over to the family's house. We needed to show our support and grieve with them. It was the right decision. The house was a buzz with friends and family showing their support, grieving together and remembering Jimmy.

It seems so unfair for a mother, or a parent, to outlive their own child. The only thing I can say in this case is that at least now she won't have to worry about who will take care of her child after she is gone.

Usual Suspects and Ashes

Friday the 14th, after Dave got off of work, we went to the Zoo for Jungle Boogie. We rode the train
and Kaitlynn rode the carousel.
Kaitlynn said she wanted to see the monkeys, elephants and penguins. We ate dinner and went to see the monkeys, but they weren't out.
Then we went to River's Edge to see the elephants.
There were a few out.
We headed over to see the penguins, but only got to see the ones that were outside because the inside was closed.
The Usual Suspects was the band playing at Jungle Boogie. They are a rock band. We didn't really hear much of the music as we got to the Zoo a little late.
We picked up Tiger's ashes from the Animal Hospital. I am not sure what we are going to do with them. Right now they are in his favorite room of the house.

Blood Test and Cell Battery

Look at all our tomatoes!
August 13th, I babysat Olivia and Whitney. After Olivia left, I picked up MawMaw and MawMaw Tommie. They went with me while I had a blood test done. They watched Kaitlynn and Whitney. Well, actually just Whitney because Kaitlynn went in with me while I had my blood drawn.
I still have not been feeling well. I can't really remember the last time I felt well. I have just been sucking it up and dealing with it. But some days are worse than others. Some days I can barely get out of bed. Others I am able to force myself out of bed and go on with the day.
My cell phone died on me. Actually, it's Dave's old cell phone. I was using his because the one that I bought just last year died. I think it's the battery because it wouldn't charge up. I ordered a new battery because the phone that I had to switch to is my old phone, which I can only use as a speaker phone. Plus some of my phone numbers didn't store on my smart chip. Sucks!

Clean Enough House

Here is a link to the article that I was interviewed for and Kaitlynn and I were photographed for.
Is your home Clean Enough?

Children's Zoo, Jungle Boogie and the Blues

Friday the 7th, Dave, Kaitlynn and I went to the Zoo.
At the Children's Zoo
On the carousel with daddy
I got to see the lion. Yeah! Isn't he gorgeous?

Most of the time at the Zoo, I was feeling sick. Finally, I couldn't take anymore. We just had to leave. So we only got to stay for about 30 minutes of Jungle Boogie. The band playing was Hudson and the Hoo Doo Cats (blues).

I was also sick on Saturday and Sunday. Sunday, I did get out of bed, to go with Dave and Kaitlynn to meet one of his old high school friends for drinks (soda).