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Saturday, August 22, 2009

Peach and Blackberry Picking

Sunday the 16th, Dave, Kaitlynn, MawMaw, MawMaw Tommie and I went to Eckert's in Belleville to pick peaches and blackberries. We checked the harvest line before we left and it said that there was no more peach picking, but we decided to go anyway.
We ate lunch at the Country Restaurant as soon as we got there, then went to the Country Store. We sampled wine and bought some peaches. The kids area was closed, so unfortunately Kaitlynn didn't get to play there. We went into the Garden Store and at first we thought they said they weren't letting anyone pick blackberries, but they had just stopped the wagon rides to the field.
We took the bus over to the fields and it started lightening as soon as we got to the blackberries. The driver suggested that we didn't pick blackberries, but said we could if we wanted too. We decided against it, but had to ride back with all the people that just came from the fields. I was so jealous. Their buckets were full of blackberries.
We hung around a bit longer and enjoyed some custard from the Custard Shop. The weather didn't seem to be getting any better, so we decided to leave before we had to drive home in bad weather.

While I was getting ready that afternoon, Kaitlynn came into the bathroom and said "Your so cute. Your so cute mommy." I love her compliments!

Pictures from the end of July

Pictures from Suson Park on July 27th
Kaitlynn and Kylie
Ellinor and Kaitlynn
This was one huge pig!
Kaitlynn and Ellinor
Kaitlynn and Kylie
Trying to get a picture of Kaitlynn, Colton and Kylie in the farm scene
Kylie and Kaitlynn
Kaitlynn and Colton
At the playground

Not sure if she is trying to be mean to Kylie or nice to her in this picture
MawMaw and Kaitlynn at El Maguey's
Grant's Farm on July 28th with Daddy and Olivia
The goats were very aggressive that day and freaked Kaitlynn out.
Daddy had to hold Kaitlynn in the goat pen
Feeding the llamas
Feeding Olivia cereal
Wearing MawMaw's jewelry. Getting all dressed up to visit Great Grandma.
Dental Visit on July 29th
Crown, toothbrush and sticker from the dentist's office
My little princess

Addison's Birthday Party

Saturday, August 15th Dave, Kaitlynn and I went to Addison's 2nd birthday party at New Ballwin Park. Addison is really into Dora, so that was the theme for the party.
These first 2 pictures were taken before the party. We typically let Kaitlynn decorate her friends' birthday cards before we put them in the envelope.
Kaitlynn, apparently wasn't done decorating it, and started pouting. She is so expressive.
She's thinking about whether she is going to give me the card back or not.
Kaitlynn loves juice boxes.
Addison and Kaitlynn bouncing in the bouncy house.
"Addison, where are you?"
Kaitlynn and Bailey bouncing in the bounce house.
Addison giving Kaitlynn and Bailey their party bags.