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Monday, October 19, 2009

3 S's and Curious at the Magic House

Friday morning Kaitlynn and I attended Songs, Stories and Sillies at the ECC. Our friends Tara, Bailey, Katie and Luke were there. We hadn't seen Katie and Luke since this summer. Kaitlynn didn't participate too much in the class after Bailey arrived. They just ran around the room doing their own thing. They did participate when it was time for the sticks. After class, we hung around with Tara and Bailey in the Commons.
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We went home to eat lunch and then went to the Magic House for their 30th Birthday Celebration. Admission was free all weekend. We met our friends, Jill and Nick, there. We had a great time except, with free admission brought all the crazies (or lazies). People just did not watch their children. They did not care if their bigger child was stepping on, pushing, being mean to, etc, a littler child. It was like free admission meant come bring your child, let them run wild while you lay around. Seriously, a mom was laying on a bench in the Curious George exhibit! I was like, this is not your house. You need to be watching your kid(s). I mean, laying around, seriously! I think I ticked one lady off because I told her daughter not to step on the younger kids. When she gave me a look, I told her it was just common sense and that she should know better. The girl was at least 9. Honestly, she should have known better.
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Friday morning I woke up to find this big box on my front porch.

Inside contained items I won from 'Manda Blogs About's first giveaway.
Thanks so much Amanda. Kaitlynn loves the plush Bugs Bunny. We haven't tried any of the products, but the food looks yummy.