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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Spooky Saturday and Boo at the Zoo

Saturday, October 24th we went to Spooky Saturday at the Zoo. Kaitlynn wore her Happy Feet costume and trick or treated around the Zoo. We went into the Children's Zoo and then met up with Trisha and Kylie. We went through River's Edge, ate lunch, did some crafts and then met the costumed characters (hippo, tiger, penguin, frog and bear). Kaitlynn cracked us up. She said that the tiger's tail touched her vagina. It was so funny the way she told us and her reaction to it. I guess as the tiger was walking past his tail must have hit her. We walked in the costume parade and listened to music for the end of Spooky Saturday.

We stayed for Boo at the Zoo. Hanna, Adam and Brandon met us at the Lakeside Cafe. Kaitlynn took a nap between the end of Spooky Saturday and beginning of Boo at the Zoo. She did some crafts, ate ice cream, rode the carousel and went to the Children's Zoo.

Afterwards, we ate a late dinner at Steak n Shake.

New Do and Not So Haunted House

Friday October 23rd, I basically spent all afternoon at Johanna's beauty school. She highlighted and cut my hair and waxed my eyebrows. My hair (color) is a pretty drastic change, I think.
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That evening we went with MawMaw to The Magic House for their Not So Haunted House. Kaitlynn had fun going around and getting autographs. She enjoyed climbing on the bean stalk, having a drink and snack at the snack shop and playing in the Curious George exhibit (oh and getting candy). That is until she got bit. Yeah, you read that correctly. We were in the Curious George exhibit and Kaitlynn was on the rocket ship that is also a slide. This little girl (around Kaitlynn's age) climbed up the steps, grabbed Kaitlynn's face and bit her on the forehead. I started yelling at the girl's mom that her daughter was biting my daughter and to get her as I was trying to get Kaitlynn away from the little girl. Kaitlynn was freaked out. She has never had anyone do that before. I think she was in shock. I was furious! I think I handled the situation as well as I could. I was so ticked off. If Kaitlynn was a biter, I would not let her play in that close contact with other kids. This little girl should not have been there, she just got done hitting another little girl. The mom talked to the little girl, but I think she should have made her leave. That is ridiculous! Thankfully she didn't break the skin, but it came close. You could see blood under the skin on Kaitlynn's forehead.

After that, we went to Taco Bell to get some quick food and calm down (and make sure Kaitlynn was OK). Kaitlynn had to use the bathroom and slipped on water on the bathroom floor. She got a big goose egg on the back of her head. The Taco Bell workers didn't even ask if she was OK. They just gave us a bag of ice for her head (because we asked for one). Businesses are so rude anymore. Kaitlynn was pretty much done after that. My poor baby girl had one hell of a night. I was pretty much done, too. If one more thing happened to my child, someone was going to be sorry!

Cooking Class

Wednesday, the 21st Kaitlynn attended her Kids in the Kitchen class. The theme was Eating Like Bears / Bear Wants More. She made a tuna melt, salad, chocolate milk, cinnamon rolls and strawberry shortcake. She is always so excited when she comes home from class. She can't wait to tell me about it.
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Kaitlynn's artwork from the class.

I wasn't feeling well starting Monday evening after eating CiCi's. By Wednesday, I was really feeling bad. MawMaw came out to help with Kaitlynn and spent the night.

Thank God for her and all of her help!

Visit to Elementary School

Tuesday the 20th, we visited our local elementary school. It was actually not worth going because it wasn't really geared towards us. I thought it would be about the local preschool, but it was more for kids entering kindergarten. I wish our P.A.T. educator and the ECC would have explained that. Oh well! At least we did get to see another option for preschool (as there is a one there) and visit the rest of the school.

For lunch, Kaitlynn made a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. She did a really good job with it. I think the Kids in the Kitchen class has really helped her.
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The last 2 pictures are of Kaitlynn's new pony. It's name is Horsey.

CiCi's and the 3 L's

Monday the 19th, we went to CiCi's Pizza for dinner with MawMaw. The food was not great, but I liked that there was a place to eat so that you could view the game room. Kaitlynn wasn't into eating, but had fun in the game room.
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We attended Love, Laughter and Limits at the ECC. It is really a great class. I feel we are learning some really valuable parenting techniques.