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Monday, November 9, 2009

Halloween Treats and Baked Goodies

Wednesday October 28th, Kaitlynn attended her Kids in the Kitchen class. The theme was Halloween Treats. They made mummies in a blanket, magic wands, witches hats, moonlight milkshake, monster mash and shaky pudding. She also made this cute pumpkin picture. She cut out the eyebrows all by herself.
From Drop Box

Kaitlynn and I went to MawMaw's and baked a cake, cupcakes and an apple pie.

MawMaw made Kaitlynn a special hot chocolate that he really enjoyed.

Costume Party at the Zoo

Monday October 26th, we bought a new laptop. Thank goodness because our old one was possessed!

Tuesday, we attended a MomsLikeMe playdate costume party at the Zoo.

Kay Quinn read a Halloween story to the kids and then we all went into Zoomagination Station. Kaitlynn had a good time, but was disappointed that she didn't get to see any animals due to the rain.

Afterwards we took Kaitlynn to McDonald's to play at the playland.

Stuckmeyer's Farm

Sunday October 25th, we went to Stuckmeyer's with MawMaw. Hanna, Adam and Brandon met us there. Kaitlynn couldn't wait for them to get there.

Kaitlynn played in the sandbox, rode a pony, played at Fort Spooky, and ran around. She fell off a wagon and got a bump on her forehead.