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Saturday, November 28, 2009

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas

Christmas tree is completely decorated as well as decorations around the house. Now we have to work on the Christmas cards!

Arts and Crafts

Hooked on Books activity at the ECC

Little Tykes 2 - Fall Fun crafts

Happy Thanksgiving

We went to MawMaw's for Thanksgiving. I was in charge of making the dressing, so we had to get there early. We had turkey, ham, mashed potatoes, gravy, dressing, sweet potatoes, green beans, cranberry sauce, rye bread, dinner rolls, pumpkin bread and pumpkin muffins. For dessert we had pumpkin pie, apple pie, cherry pie and eclairs. Everything was so delicious!

We had such a great time we all ended up staying the night. We played Truth or Dare on the i-phone. That was a lot of fun. We mostly did the dares, but learned some things about each other, that we probably didn't want to know.

For an open dare, Hanna had to sing "You are my sunshine."

Thanksgiving Baking and Christmas Tree

Saturday night, Kaitlynn slept pretty good. She had one episode where we had to take her into the bathroom and run hot water to steam the room. She had another episode Sunday morning, but instead of sitting in a steamy bathroom, she wanted to take a shower. Her voice started to sound a little better.

Sunday we cleaned the master bedroom and moved the furniture around. I like changing things up.

Sunday night, she had a harder time sleeping. She just didn't want to go to sleep. But Sunday, she was up playing like normal. That's the thing with croup, she is fine during the day (except maybe a coughing spell), but at night it's worse. It's crazy because as it starts to get later in the day, we can hear it in her little voice.

Monday, since she was doing better, we went to my mom's and got some baking done.
We baked pumpkin bread muffins and 2 pumpkin bread bundt cakes.

Wednesday after the babies (I watch) went home, I cleaned the front room really well so Dave and Kaitlynn could put up the Christmas tree.

Scary Morning at the ER

As I said in my previous post, we were out pretty late for MawMaw's birthday. After we left MawMaw's to come home, Kaitlynn started swallowing hard, choking and gagging in the car. It lasted about a minute, then was fine. She fell asleep in the car shortly after that. We got home, put her to bed and she slept for about an hour. She woke up screaming and crying, swallowing hard, gagging, choking and seemed to be having a hard time breathing. We weren't really sure about the breathing thing, her color was fine, and she was crying, so she had to be breathing OK, right? It was just so scary. We called the pediatrician's exchange and a nurse called us back immediately. She heard Kaitlynn over the phone and said she sounded like she was very uncomfortable and we needed to bring her in for a chest x-ray. Her concern was she might have swallowed something that she wasn't supposed to. We got to the ER and were put in a room pretty quickly. A nurse checked her out and she seemed to be doing better. She said they were very busy and it would take awhile for a doctor to come in. Thankfully they had movies to keep her busy. We watched "Cinderella". We waited a little over an hour before the doctor was able to see us. At this point, Kaitlynn was ready to go home. The doctor checked her out and ordered a chest x-ray. Thankfully no foreign bodies were found in the x-ray, but they suspected that she had croup. The doctor said the x-ray wasn't the most clear cut case of croup she'd ever seen, but all of Kaitlynn's symptoms really seemed to point to croup. They gave her a dose of steroids and Motrin and gave us information on croup and what to look for, etc. The doctor said she was concerned that it might turn into pneumonia because every time we asked Kaitlynn where she hurt, she would pointing to her lower back and tell us her back hurt. We are confused as to how she got croup, but thankful that it wasn't anything more serious.

Here is a video I took while waiting for the doctor. Kaitlynn was annoyed with me asking her questions because she was watching "Cinderella." I think she did great at the ER, especially on so little sleep and to not be feeling well. What a trooper!

Kaitlynn's pediatrician called that afternoon to check on her. When I called back, I actually got to talk to her pediatrician. It was reassuring to talk to her. She said croup could last up to 5 days.

MawMaw's Birthday Dinner

I set up a surprise birthday dinner for MawMaw Friday the 20th. We went to dinner at Pietros (Denise's suggestion). It worked out really well. Everyone (Denise, Dan, Brandon, Hanna, Adam, Jim, Trina, Nate and Sissy) showed up on time. Then we came in with MawMaw and Jeff a little later. As we were walking in, MawMaw said, "Don't you think we should've made reservations." Little did she know that we already had reservations and everyone was already there!

We had a great dinner and went back to MawMaw's afterwards.

We stayed out a little too late, but enjoyed the family time.