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Sunday, December 20, 2009

MLM Baby Shower

Tuesday, December 8th, Kaitlynn, MawMaw and I went to Midrivers Mall to attend Robyn's baby shower with is following Robyn along during her pregnancy and hosted a baby shower with all gifts being donated to Crisis Nursery.

After the baby shower, we went to Children's Place. They had a great sale and Kaitlynn got some new wears (hat, purse and penguin). She also got some new sweaters and a matching scarf and pair of gloves.

Kaitlynn met her new boyfriend at the mall. She was obsessed with Kaden, until he left the mall. She hasn't talked about him since!

The video from Channel 5 won't embed, but here is a link.

Holiday Dinner and Meeting

Monday, December 7th, I attended the Avon Holiday Dinner and Meeting with my mom (who is a sub-seller) and my niece Hanna (who just signed up to sell Avon the Friday before).

We had a nice time and a good dinner. We ate, had a meeting and played bingo.