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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Sleep Trouble in December

It's 9PM and Kaitlynn is asleep! Yay! For some reason December seems to be a tough month on us in regards to Kaitlynn's sleep. She wants to stay up all night. It seems to happen every December. So what was different today? I don't know, but she got about 12 hours of sleep. She ate really well at mealtimes. She took a shower before dinner, after dinner we did some crafts, then prayed and she passed out almost immediately!

Her prayer was a Thank You to Jesus. She almost made me cry. She said "thank You Jesus for Bailey, my mommy and daddy and Bailey." It was the sweetest prayer I have ever heard. She also said thank You for Fox & the Hound (one of the movies she currently loves to watch - the 2nd one, not so much the original).

Edited later: I spoke too soon. She's awake. We might be pulling an all nighter!

Another Present

Monday, Kaitlynn and I went to MawMaw's. We met Hanna and Adam at Applebee's for dinner. Kaitlynn got to open her present from Uncle Jeff after dinner. He got her the So Chic Styling Salon. Kaitlynn saw this in the Toys R Us book months ago and said she wanted it. It was really hard to find because according to the workers at Toys R Us, it was one of the hottest selling toys. He stayed up all night on Christmas to pick it up the next morning.

More Christmas Celebration

Saturday the 26th, Kaitlynn woke up asking if she had more presents to open. We explained to her that she is not going to get presents everyday.

She got her wish. She had more presents to open.

Christmas Videos

Kaitlynn's first time seeing the gifts under the tree

Kaitlynn opening up gifts and the snow outside

Opening gifts and drinking hot chocolate

Kaitlynn playing with doll and horse

Wearing her cowgirl boots and taking pictures of everything (don't ask me why the USB cable is still on the camera)

I apologize that some of these videos are quite long and for the annoyance of me taking pictures every few seconds during the videos!