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Sunday, January 3, 2010

2009 in Review

2009 was a year we had to learn to sink or swim; to fight like hell. It was a tough year, but we got through it and we are stronger for it. We learned what our real priorities are and that we needed to put our marriage and Kaitlynn first (not above God, but above things on earth). We were tried in more ways than you could imagine. Things got pretty rocky, but it built a solid foundation for us.
Death hit us again (death of my father in May 2008 and death of my cat of 20 years in July 2009 as well as of a good friend in August 2009).

We started 2009 off with a dead laptop. Kaitlynn attended many classes at the ECC, such as Locomotion Commotion, Toddler Tunes and Toddler Fun. She had playdates at our house, a friend's house, Monkey Joes and the Magic House. We went to the Magic House for their free night and McDonald's play land. Kaitlynn had her first dental appointment.
We started babysitting a little boy named Hasnain (who was almost 12 months old).
MawMaw got a new puppy, a puggle named Sassy.
We saw Elmo's Green Thumb.

Kaitlynn had playdates at a friend's house, Museum of Transportation, Schroeder Park, Chic-Fil-A, a Valentine party at a friend's house, Science Center and the Zoo. She attended classes at the ECC, such as Toddler Fun, Be My Valentine, Home Improvements and Just Me & My Dad. We visited the Zoo for the Delta Dental event. We continued babysitting Hasnain and started watching a little girl named Whitney (who was almost 4 months old). Dave celebrated his 30th birthday on the 11th and I celebrated my 31st birthday on the 13th. We made Valentine's Day crafts. Kaitlynn had her first visit to Urgent Care. She had a laceration on her scalp and had to get a staple. Dave and I attended Toilet Learning class at the ECC. We celebrated Kaitlynn's 2nd birthday on the 21st by having a party at our house. Kaitlynn turned 2 on the 23rd and went for her 2 year check up and had the staple removed from her head that day. What a way to celebrate her birthday! The PAT educator visited us, also.

Kaitlynn and Whitney
Valentine party at friend's house
Kaitlynn's 2nd birthday party
celebration of daddy's, mommy's and Kaitlynn's birthdays.
A few February posts: It Doesn't Matter Who Gets There First and (from February but written in March) Happy Birthday Love Bug.
(Posts from February to early July are from my other / original blog Everyday Mama Drama)

I continued babysitting Hasnain and Whitney. I babysat one of Kaitlynn's friends (Ella) so her mommy could go to an appointment, babysat a friend's (Jill's) little boy (Nick) a few days, and started babysitting a little girl named Olivia (who was 2 months old). We attended Seuss on the Loose at the library, a Baby and Kid Expo, Spring Forward for Amphibians at the Zoo, went on many trips to the Zoo and to McDonald's play land. Kaitlynn attended playdates at Kangaroo Kids, a friend's house for lunch, the Zoo, Chesterfield Mall, had a St. Pat's Party at our house, celebrated St. Patrick's Day at Faust Park and carousel, Easter Bunny arrival at the Mills Mall, Early Childhood Center and Chic-Fil-A. She had some kind of virus with vomiting and a fever. We attended Gabe's 2nd birthday party and (cousin) Angie's bridal shower. Kaitlynn attended Music Makers class at the ECC.
Kaitlynn and Nick
St. Pat's Party
Faust Park (at the carousel) on St. Patrick's Day
Gabe's birthday party
Kaitlynn and Sassy
Kaitlynn and Olivia
A few March posts: Happy St. Patrick's Day and Caged.
(Posts from February to early July are from my other / original blog Everyday Mama Drama)

Kaitlynn attended classes at the ECC, such as Songs, Stories and Sillies, Motor Developers and Playground Pizazz. We attended playdates at the Zoo, Kangaroo Kids, Oakland House to meet the Easter Bunny and Wilmore Park. I continued babysitting Olivia and Whitney. We took Kaitlynn to the pediatrician for vomiting and diarrhea. MawMaw's preschool gave Kaitlynn a house and slide for our backyard. We celebrated Easter. MawMaw went to the hospital for a bad sinus infection. Kaitlynn got a double ear infection and had a cough and runny nose. We think the ear infection was due to allergies (coughing and runny nose). We attended Bailey's 2nd birthday party. We celebrated Earth Day. We attended a fundraiser for daddy's work, went to Grant's Farm and McDonald's play land.
Oakland House
A few April posts: Dying Easter Eggs, Double Ear Infection, and Easter .
(Posts from February to early July are from my other / original blog Everyday Mama Drama)

I babysat 2 boys (Jaden & Leto) from one of our playgroups and continued babysitting Whitney and Olivia. Kaitlynn's PAT educator visited. May 5th marked 1 year since PawPaw Dado passed away. Kaitlynn had playdates at Kangaroo Kids, Grant's Farm, Botanical Garden and Museum of Transportation. She attended Motor Developers classes at the ECC. We attended Zoo Friends' Day - Caribbean Cove opened, Grant's Farm, Eckert's Strawberry Festival, Greek Festival, South County Mall play area and Burger King play area. We celebrated Mother's Day. Kaitlynn went to the pediatrician for a check up on her ears and for her runny nose. We attended Angie & Josh's wedding and Hanna celebrated her 18th birthday.
Zoo Friends' Day & Opening of Caribbean Cove
Mother's Day
playing with Sassy and Shadow
Strawberry Festival
Memorial Weekend
A few May posts: One Year, Mother's Day, Strawberry Festival and (from June but written in July) Memorial Weekend.
(Posts from February to early July are from my other / original blog Everyday Mama Drama)

Hanna graduated from high school. Kaitlynn rode a pony for the first time and attended 2 Cardinals' games. We went to the Zoo, Jungle Boogie at the Zoo, Kidgit's Mini Chefs event at Mills Mall, Mills Mall play area and McDonald's play land. Kaitlynn attended playdates at Grant's Farm, our house and Chic-Fil-A. Dave & I celebrated our 7th Dating Anniversary by attending the Shakespeare Festival (Merry Wives of Windsor) and another night went to Il Vicino's and McGurk's. We attended Ella's 2nd birthday party. We celebrated Father's Day. I babysat Nick again and continued babysitting Whitney and Olivia. Kaitlynn had a cardiologist appointment, in which we received good news! We added a new member to our family / household, a turtle (named Turtle). Great Grandma, Pumpkin, Tiger and Jasmine celebrated their birthdays.
Hanna at graduation
at one of the Cardinals' games
at Ella's birthday party
with Nick and Whitney
Father's Day
Date night
with Turtle
A few June posts: Pony Named Mouse, Babysitting, Cardiologist and Playdate, Father's Day and New Addition.
(Posts from February to early July are from my other / original blog Everyday Mama Drama)

We watched fireworks and celebrated the 4th of July at MawMaw Tommie's. Aunt Neese celebrated her birthday. Some health and issues came up for me. With this came some new medications, additional blood tests, more doctor's visits and lots of days feeling sick. I continued babysitting Olivia. We attended Jungle Boogie at the Zoo, went bowling, to Grant's Farm, Kidgit's Safe Summer event at the Mills Mall, Health Fair at the Botanical Garden, West County Mall play area and McDonald's play land. I was interviewed for an article on cleaning house. Kaitlynn attended playdates at Drace Park, a friend's house, a Star Studded Concert (at Kangaroo Kids), Suson Park and Farm and Kangaroo Kids. Our cat Tiger died on the 26th. Kaitlynn had another dental appointment. I started this blog.
at the Zoo

4th of July
playdate with Gabe
dancing at Grant's Farm with Kylie
All Star game

A few July posts: Happy 4th of July, Welcome, Star Studded Concert and My Best Friend Tiger.
(Posts from February to early July are from my other / original blog Everyday Mama Drama)

Kaitlynn had her 1st haircut. We celebrated Friendship Day, Sister's Day and Brandon's 10th birthday at Happy Joes. Kaitlynn had a pediatrician appointment because she was complaining of her tummy hurting. We went to the Zoo, Citygarden, Lone Elk Park, Jungle Boogie at the Zoo, Eckert's for peach and blackberry picking, McDonald's play land and the library. I continued babysitting Olivia and Whitney. We attended Addison's 2nd birthday party at New Ballwin Park. We received Tiger's ashes and put them on the mantle. Our dear friend, Jimmy, passed away. Dave and Kaitlynn went to Castlewood State Park and the Zoo. The article I was interviewed for was published.
1st hair cut
Kaitlynn, Olivia and Whitney
Addison's party
A few August posts: First Haircut, Clean Enough House, Peach and Blackberry Picking and Kaitlynn's 2 1/2 Birthday.

I continued babysitting Olivia and Whitney. Kaitlynn attended playdates at Faust Park and carousel, Bounce U, Kangaroo Kids, McDonald's play land, Eckert's in Millstadt and Botanical Garden . We went to Disney on Ice - 100 Years of Magic, Jungle Boogie at the Zoo, Greek Festival, Eckert's for apple picking, Lowe's Build and Grow, Sprout event to meet Barney and Chica, Manchester Homecoming, the Zoo, Grant's Farm and Parties in the Park at Stacy Park. Kaitlynn attended the Bubble Picnic and Playground Pizazz at the ECC. We celebrated Grandparent's Day by taking MawMaw to St. Charles Vintage House & Wine Garden. We also celebrated Labor Day. Kaitlynn and I got our flu shots (on the same day, one right after the other). We did 3 day potty training with Kaitlynn and it was successful. The PAT educator visited. Dave and I took a Healthy Meals class at the ECC.
Disney on Ice
A few September posts: Disney On Ice 100 Years of Magic, Greek for a Day, Apple Picking on Labor Day, Happy Grandparent's Day MawMaw, Happy Grandparent's Day PawPaw Dado and Potty Training Adventure.

We attended familly night at the ECC where Jim Gil performed, went to the Zoo for Ottertoberfest, saw Curious George Live, attended Grant's Farm Halloween event , Barnum & Bailey's Zing, Zang, Zoom, the Magic House for the Curious George exhibit, Grafton's Eckert's for the Pumpkin Jamboree, Purina Farms' Haunted Hayloft, Magic House's 9th Annual Not-So- Haunted House, the Zoo for Spooky Saturday, Boo at the Zoo, Stuckmeyer's Fun Farm Day, McDonald's play land, the ECC's Halloween Fun Fair and The Knack's Halloween event at Michael's. I continued babysitting Olivia and started watching a little boy named Aidan (who was 9 1/2 months old). We remembered PawPaw Dado's 66th birthday. Dave & I attended Love, Limits & Laughter at the ECC, which was a 4 week course. I attended Why Do They Do What They Do at the ECC. Kaitlynn attended classes at the ECC, such as Kids in the Kitchen, Big Science, Songs, Stories & Sillies and visited our local elementary school. She had playdates at Thies Farm (Pumpkinland), attended the Boo Bash, Halloween playdate at the Zoo and a costume party at Kangaroo Kids. We bought a new laptop because our old one was giving us nothing but trouble. Kaitlynn had a UTI. We celebrated Halloween by having a get together at our house.
Not-So-Haunted House at the Magic House
Halloween Fun Fair at the ECC
A few October posts: Happy Birthday Dado and (from October but written in November) Halloween.

Dave and I celebrated our 5th wedding anniversary. I continued babysitting Aidan and Olivia. Kaitlynn attended classes at the ECC, such as Songs, Stories & Sillies, Kids in the Kitchen, Little Tykes 2, Hooked on Books and the Book, Puppet & Toy Fair. Her PAT educator visited. Kaitlynn attended a playdate at a friend's house. We went to the Mills Mall for Santa's Arrival. I became a Discussion Leader with (again). Kaitlynn had her 2nd haircut (first one by Hanna). We celebrated MawMaw's 61st birthday by going out to dinner. Kaitlynn had her first ER visit. She was diagnosed with Croup (after having a chest x-ray). We celebrated Thanksgiving with family.
climbing a tree one beautiful fall day
5th Anniversary
Santa's arrival at the Mills Mall
MawMaw with her granddaughters at her birthday dinner
A few November posts: Happy 5th Anniversary, At Last - Through the Years of Our Love, MawMaw's Birthday Dinner and Happy Thanksgiving.

I continued babysitting Olivia and Aidan. Kaitlynn attended Little Tykes 2 classes at the ECC. We started the tradition of celebrating St. Nick's Day. I started with Avon Leadership. Kaitlynn attended playdates at Midrivers Mall, Christmas party at Yummy & Co and the Zoo for Wild Lights. We looked at Christmas lights displays, visited Santa at the Caboose, attended St. Charles' Christmas Traditions and the Zoo's Wild Lights event. Kaitlynn and I had a stomach virus and then she got Croup (again). I got a Flip Video from to try out. We joined a produce co-op. I sprained my left ankle. We celebrated Uncle Jeff''s, Nate's and Aunt Trina's birthdays. Kaitlynn received a letter from Santa, wrote a letter to Santa, received a call and video from Santa and did Christmas crafts. We also celebrated Christmas Eve and Christmas (Jesus' birthday). Kaitlynn had her hair trimmed (by Hanna) again. She is getting so much hair now! We celebrated New Year's Eve at home.
visiting Santa at the Caboose
St. Charles' Christmas Traditions
Christmas Eve
Hanna, Denise and me on Christmas
New Year's Eve
A few December posts: St. Nick's Day, St. Charles' Christmas Traditions, Christmas Eve, Christmas, More Christmas Celebration and (from December but written in January) New Year's Eve.

Good bye 2009. You have been a tough year, but without you, we wouldn't have learned some very valuable lessons. With 2008 and 2009 behind us, I think we can conquer anything!


  1. You had a busy year, and a great memory! Here is 2010.

  2. It's good to look back, but with God going forward is easy - if painful! He has promised to never leave or forsake us, and His footsteps are always there for us to place our feet. Don't forget that He has always gone before.

    Blessings for 2010

  3. I love how you summed everything up! What a great year you had!

    And we must live close to one another, because we do a lot of the same things. We're very involved with Parent's as Teachers and attend lots of workshops in the Rockwood District. And I'm a Feld Family Activator, too! What a small world!

  4. So fun to watch Kaitlynn grow up!!

  5. Bless last year and may you have your best one ever this 2010.

  6. Thanks for your comments.

    SarahHub, we are in the Parkway District. We must live nearby each other, though!

  7. Have Sassy hang out with the puggle posse sometime!

  8. Even with some harder moments through the year, it seems it was a great one!

  9. Thank you for taking the time to put together a year-end post. They're great fun to read, and instructive. I really appreciate the year more when I take the time to look back. Good luck for 2010!

  10. WOW! What a busy year 2009 was for you and your beautiful family. I hope that 2010 is a happy year for all of you.

    Your daughter is just adorable.

  11. What a neat way to remember the year. She's changed a lot, hasn't she. I'm so glad to hear that you and your family are making sure that your priorities are in order. Life has a way of getting in the way sometimes, but as long as you and Dave agree to keep the first things first, you'll do just fine.

  12. Happy New Year, Amy! I hope 2010 is a bstter one for you and your family.

  13. what a great post!Heres to 2010 and the memories(and lessons) ;)
    came over from to be thode!

  14. Hope the New Year brings you beautiful blessings from God.

  15. Wow, you were busy huh. I am glad that you are looking forward to 2010! It can only get better, right?

    Thanks for linking up on Saturday... oh, and I had no idea you were local! I live in St Charles. :)

  16. It will be great to watch Curious George, i have bought tickets from looking forward to it.