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Thursday, January 7, 2010

2010 Goals To Accomplish, Hopes for the New Year

I am not really one for making resolutions for the New Year. I used to, but after not keeping them, I just gave up. There are many things that I hope to accomplish and many things I hope for Dave and Kaitlynn to accomplish and for us to accomplish as a family this year.

1. I want to build a closer relationship with God. This is something for us to accomplish as a family and as individuals. I want us to finally pick a church that we will get involved with and take the plunge.

2. I am hoping that my health issues get worked out and to finally stop feeling sick all day, everyday and to have more energy. I am also hoping that Dave's health issues continue to get better and that Kaitlynn not get sick as much this year.

3. I am hoping that we can heal as a family and that we will not let negativity into our lives anymore.

4. I am hoping that we make the right decision as to whether Kaitlynn should attend a Kids Morning Out program in February and if she should attend preschool in the fall or wait until next year.

5. I am hoping that Dave's school year goes well. He is enjoying school so much and is networking with some neat people. I hope that he is able to build some lasting relationships with people he meets in graduate school.

6. I am hoping that Dave can find a (better) job that is more suited to his degree, interests and passions.

7. I want this blog's followers to reach the 100+ mark. It seems it has been stuck at 77 followers for awhile now.

8. I want to be able to bring in more income and continue to be at home with Kaitlynn. I am open to paid blogging experiences / opportunities, taking in another child for in-home childcare and other at home work opportunities. I am also hoping to continue to grow my Avon business and continue with leadership.

9. I want us to build a better / closer support network of friends. Currently, we do not have many close friends or friends that we feel comfortable calling and asking for support. We would love to have a "go to couple" or "couples". We hope to build a network of people that can be supportive of one another and hang out quite frequently. A network of people that are sincere and genuine with no games or one up-manship involved.

I am sure that my hopes, wants and dreams will continue to grow as we get further into the New Year, but these are the ones on my mind as I write this post.


  1. Great goals and best luck keeping them!

  2. Inspiring list. If anyone can do it, I know you can, Amy!