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Friday, January 29, 2010

The Circus and Preschool

Wednesday Kaitlynn and I attended Motor Masters class. Actually, I wasn't sure if we were going to go. That morning she said she didn't want to go, but eventually got up and got going. Then the whole drive there, she kept saying that she didn't want to go and that she was scared of the Crocodile song. It's actually "Row, Row Your Boat", but they add "if you see a crocodile, don't forget to scream." I told her that if she didn't like the song, she could just cover her ears. We practiced her covering her ears. She said she still didn't want to go. We called daddy and talked to him. After talking to him, Kaitlynn said she wanted to give it a try. We were about 15 minutes late, so she missed the free play. I told Debbie, the teacher's assistant about Kaitlynn saying she didn't want to come to class and didn't like the song. She said it was probably just a phase. Circle time was fine until we got to that song. Kaitlynn almost freaked out, but I reminded her to put her hands over her ears. After circle time, Miss Ursula asked if Kaitlynn was having hearing issues. I told her about Kaitlynn not wanting to come to class and that Kaitlynn doesn't like when people talk really loud. She said that she may need some type of therapy, but proceeded to ask more questions. She asked how Kaitlynn is in different situations. I told her she doesn't mind loud music, loud noises or loud sounds. She asked if she minded the noise from a vacuum cleaner or lawn mower. I told her those have never bothered her. She said this is just a stage and she probably got startled during the song and now doesn't like it. I told her that in the first class, Dave said one little girl screamed in her ear (during the song) and Kaitlynn of course, didn't like that. She said that's probably what the deal is. She said during the next class if Kaitlynn wants to, we could sit away from the circle during that song. The theme for class was The Cirucs. For the gross & sensory motor stations, they rode an elephant, walked the balance beam, jumped on the trampoline, hit a ball that was above their head while standing on an elevated surface, had to figure out how to get through a set of hula hoops and swung from a bar. For the fine & sensory motor stations, they played wack a mole, a couple duck games, cut straight lines, used tongs to put popcorn in popcorn containers, played with play-doh and played at the water table. Then it was parachute time and they sang the good-bye song.

After class, we picked up lunch and I dropped Kaitlynn off at MawMaw's preschool. Kaitlynn had a great time with the other kids. And of course, she listened very well. I had a horrible time with getting her to listen after preschool, so I treated myself to a margarita at Casa!

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  1. I treated myself to a margarita last night too. Great minds think alike :)