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Sunday, January 31, 2010

For Anyone Who Lives In MO - Please Help

Parents as Teachers Supporters Please Help!

Call or Email to Say NO to Parents as Teachers Budget Cuts!

Missouri Governor Jay Nixon proposed a $4.1 million budget cut as part of his budget plan for the upcoming fiscal year. This 13.2% budget cut comes right after the 10% budget cut that the legislature enacted last year.

Our Governor needs to hear from Parents as Teachers supporters that this cut is a mistake and he should restore the funding immediately.

Founded in Missouri 25 years ago, Parents as Teachers has become the nation's largest evidence-based home visitation program. In Missouri Parents as Teachers programs serve more than 155,000 children annually across the state from Kennett to St. Joe to Palmyra to Kansas City.

~ The 10% cut to Parents as Teachers program enacted last year resulted in Parents as Teachers funding 300 fewer Birth to 3 families and 200 fewer 3-5 families in Parkway. This comes at a time when many of our families are facing crisis and are in need of our support.

~ The proposed budget cut would further reduce the number of families able to receive services, further reduce the number of home visits and group meetings we are able to provide and further reduce the number of our health and developmental screenings.

If you support Parents as Teachers, whether you are a current program participant, former program participant or parent educator, please take the time to contact Governor Nixon to express your disappointment with his decision to cut funding for services that support Missouri's families.

Contact the Governor's office NOW - Call toll free or send an e-mail!

To Call:
· Call (888) 880-8233. This toll-free number, which connects directly to the Governor's office, will be available for Parents as Teachers advocates until Wednesday 2/2/2010. .

· Alternatively you can call the Governor's office directly at 573-751-3222. Keep your call short and to the point:

· Give the receptionist your name and home town

· Identify yourself as a supporter of Parents as Teachers

· Ask that they inform the Governor that you are very disappointed about the $4.1 M cut Please feel free to add a short personal story

· You do not need to talk to another staff member - leaving a message at the desk is perfect!

To Email:
· Send an e-mail through the Parents as Teachers Action Center Just visit the Parents as Teachers National Center website, scroll down to the bottom of the screen, fill in your email address and other information, follow the prompts and personalize the email to the Governor's office and hit "send".

If you do not live in Missouri, please forward this onto friends / family that you know who do live in Missouri. Thank you!


  1. We moved recently to Kansas from Colorado and are renting a house in Overland Park until we're ready to buy. When we do, we may be heading out to Parkville......which is Missouri! This makes me nervous!

  2. This economy really is the worst :(

    Here from Friday Follow and already following you :)

  3. I will certainly email this on to friends!

    Hey you! I am a new follower from FF, please come by and follow me back as well. I just love meeting new bloggers. I am trying to make my way through the entire FF list, which is a lot of work, but I know we will follow each other back and meet so many amazing women and possibly new friends! I hope that you had a great weekend! Juliana~A Blonde Walks Into A Blog!

  4. I found your blog via NaBloPoMo and am now following.
    This is just really depressing. It seems they always want to hack away at money for education. I live in Missouri, and while I have never used the program, it needs to be available for people who want it. I'm emailing.