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Friday, January 15, 2010

P.A.T. Visit and Preschool

Wednesday night Kaitlynn had a horrible time sleeping. She kept waking up coughing, almost choking from coughing so hard. She was so exhausted and would just cry.

Thursday the P.A.T. Educator visited. She did a hearing and vision screening.

Kaitlynn painted her own nails.

Kaitlynn is so cute and complimentary. When she was painting her nails, MawMaw showed Kaitlynn her painted nails. Kaitlynn said "Good job MawMaw". She is always telling us good job or giving some compliment.

Dave and I attended a seminar / meeting at the ECC titled Preschool on Parade. It was so helpful to attend this. It really helped with our struggle / decision on whether to send Kaitlynn to the KMO this year and / or preschool in the Fall. I might write a post on that later.

Thursday Kaitlynn continued to cough a lot and have wheezy breathing. We were getting really concerned because we had seen no improvement. Thursday night she woke up a few times, but once she spent some time in a steamy bathroom and then a few minutes in the cold air, she was great and was able to sleep through the night. Thank you God!


  1. Has your pediatrician mentioned anything about doing a nebulizer machine? I know a lot of kids who don't have asthma have used them just for a week or as needed to help with the coughing and breathing. Our pediatrician's office will loan them out for up to two weeks. Just a thought.

  2. Oh Amy... I do hope Kaitlynn feels better real soon.. And do keep us posted on your preschool decision. I'm going through the same process right now.Blessings

  3. Sending prayers for continued healing. Have your best night's sleep - all of you.

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  6. twolinesonastick (Tara)- the ped hasn't talked about this, but I think things will go in that direction if she can't get over this.

  7. prerna, J.B. - thanks for your well wishes.

    Shelley- Yeah, my 100th follower!!!! I can't believe one of my 2010 Goals / Hopes has already been accomplished and only 16 days into the new year!

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  9. Sending lots of get-well wishes for Kaitlynn!

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  11. I remember nights like this, I am a grandma now, but I remember the frustration as a parent and how helpless I felt.

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  13. I hope your daughter gets well soon. It's so hard to see our little ones sick.

  14. I am so glad Kaitlynn is feeling better. Thanks for stopping by. I did get that in an email and decided to share it. I laughed so hard when I read it. I think it is cute that she tells you guys good job!

  15. Hope she feels better and so glad she got some relief and sleep. What a great joy that she compliments already!

  16. Something that works great for my kids when they are coughing is to put Vicks vapor rub on their feet then cover them with socks before they go to bed.:)
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  17. I'm sorry to hear she had a rough time, I hate when my kids are sick, there's so little you can do for them, other than let them sleep. :(
    At least theres a happy ending to your post in that she slept!
    One thing I foudn with my kids (other than all the right things you already did) was an oil rub in a warm room (very warm if they're sick) with soft t.v or music on, usually after a bath, use Lavendar, or lemongrass (look online and you can get the combinations to different oils for different things) & just lightly massage them with small amounts of oil, (I usually talk soothingly to them while I'm doing it) it will knock my youngest right out. :)

  18. Thanks for the well wishes and suggestions. I have heard about rubbing Vicks on their feet, but haven't tried it. Thanks for all the touching / caring comments.