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Sunday, January 17, 2010

Penguin Paradise

Friday morning we met Eileen, Gabe and Merci at the History Museum for storytelling. The theme was Penguin Paradise. The kids were read 3 books and then made a penguin. Afterwards, we walked around the museum with the kiddos. It was good to see Eileen, Gabe and Merci as it had been quite awhile since we saw them last.

Kaitlynn and I ran some errands and went out to lunch. This was the first time just Kaitlynn and I went to a restaurant (not fast food) to eat together. We enjoyed our lunch together (as sort of a Mommy-Daughter date).

That evening she made thank you cards for the Christmas gifts she received. Actually she decorated the inside of some notecards we already had.

Then she decorated these snowflakes with Valentine stickers.


  1. What a fun day! I've been taking my kids to the museum since birth.....they will learn to love it for life. Good for you!

  2. This was Kaitlynn's first time at the History Museum (and maybe mine too). I might have gone in school years ago, I don't remember!