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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Trying Things Out

Sunday we attended a different church. It's one that a friend from told me about last year. We just got around to trying it out and were very happy we did. The pastor's sermon was very fitting and he's an amazing speaker. The sermon really hit home with Dave and me. We met a man named Jeremiah who set up a tour after the service. We were given a tour by a nice man named Rick. The church has a small bookstore that has some great book. Some of which Dave and I are already in the process of reading and some that we would love to read (at some point). We toured the classroom that Kaitlynn would be in and she wanted to stay and play. She said that she wants to come to class next Sunday and that mommy and daddy could go to their class. Everyone was so friendly, smiling and waving to us. It was very welcoming. We also met a nice lady named Elaine, who's husband is an associate pastor. The church just opened up a satellite church closer to us, so we might try that location. We are excited to attend Sunday and hope we are on the road to finding our church "home".


  1. A home church is so important- I've really grown in my faith journey since finding my home church AND finding my place with my church family!

  2. So nice to hear!

    We moved over 2 months ago and are still looking for our new church home. We loved our old church.

  3. Glad you're finding the most important "home" of all...