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Thursday, January 7, 2010

Welcome 2010

Friday we didn't do much. Kaitlynn did artwork / crafts.
Yes, she is still doing Christmas crafts in January. This is what she wanted to do and I haven't brought up the Valentine's craft stuff yet.

She is going to make thank you cards / crafts for the Christmas gifts she received, but I haven't figured out how I want her to do that exactly.

Saturday we went to MawMaw's. Kaitlynn wanted to eat dinner at Steak n Shake.
While there, this guy came over to our table and asked if Kaitlynn could have this red stuffed bear. He had just won it (along with several other stuffed animals that his girlfriend kept) from one of those grabber / claw machines. I didn't think people won on those. Kaitlynn just hugged that bear so tight. It was really nice of him (and his girlfriend)!

Monday we spent time with MawMaw. Yesterday we had a playdate at Chesterfield Mall with Trisha and Kylie. Kaitlynn was so excited to see Kylie. Later she talked about Kylie holding her hand. Little girls are super cute!

With the New Year, we have decided to start a new bedtime routine. We are going to end our evenings with a shower, hot chocolate, a snack and prayer. We are hoping to get back on track with sleeping. So far things have been going better. Instead of taking hours to get her to go to sleep, she is falling asleep at a better hour and much sooner.


  1. That was so sweet of that guy!

  2. What a sweet guy....

    There is a strategy to winning...and that is to try when the machine is full! I think it's almost impossible otherwise.

  3. We need to do more crafts. It sucks being stuck in the house. I'm doing the Valentine swap on Mommy files too.