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Monday, February 1, 2010

Old Friends: A Reunion

Saturday we met some old high school friends for lunch at Pasta House in Crestwood Mall. There was 6 of us that got together. We brought our spouses and kids, too; we had a good size group. It's amazing how everyone looked the same as they did in high school. We are all in such different, yet similar phases in our lives. It's also interesting that 4 of us live local and I only see one of them regularly! It was great getting together and sharing where our lives are now and fun to meet the spouses and kids.

After lunch, Kaitlynn wanted to play in the play area, since this was a mall she hadn't been too before. She met a little girl named Grace that was about 6 years old that she was chasing around. We were having a decent time until this crazy lady came up and asked Grace's parents if they had kids playing in the play area. Grace's mom said yes. The crazy lady said she worked for the mall part time and that they needed to give her $10 for their kid to play in the play area. Grace's mom said she wasn't going to give her any money. The lady said "I'm a good actor, aren't I?" OK, psycho, no one is going to pay you to let our kids play in the play area! Isn't that ridiculous?!


  1. Wow that lady was weird. Why in the world would she try to say that. Good thing no one paid her. Sounds like fun with your friends from High School. I don't really talk to anyone I went to High School with. Well there is maybe one or two but I am about 3 hours from home so I don't really talk to them. Here and there on facebook.

  2. It is great to catch up with people. What a crazy lady..

  3. Sounds Crazy!
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  4. Sounds fun! Will you be getting together with the friends near you again?

    That lady does sound a bit off her rocker! Sounds like she has a weird sense of humour!

  5. I'd love a chance to sit down and reacquaint myself with my HS friends. Sadly, it'll take an 8-hour drive to do it.

    Look forward to reading more.