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Sunday, February 7, 2010

Pediatric Dentist and More Bloodwork

Tuesday, Kaitlynn had a cleaning at the dentist. She did a great job letting the hygienist floss, brush and use fluoride on her teeth (considering there was a kid a couple chairs over completely freaking out). This did scare Kaitlynn and she kept telling the hygienist she was done. Next time, I will make them stop until the other kid is finished and out of the room. How scary it must have been for Kaitlynn to have someone screaming and crying their head off a couple chairs away from her! While waiting for the dentist to count her teeth, she kept saying she wanted to go home. She let the dentist count her teeth and unfortunately the dentist found 3 cavities! Yes, you read that correctly. My little baby has 3 cavities. Of course, I felt like a failure when I heard that. Especially since she has had perfect check ups before. I sat down and talked with the dentist. We talked about Kaitlynn's eating and drinking habits. The dentist said they seemed fine and didn't seem to be problematic. She also said that Kaitlynn has been doing an excellent job with brushing her teeth. The only thing we could come up with, is that it must be genetic. The dentist said the spots where the cavities are were a little suspicious. For this reason alone, it is super important to take your little ones to the dentist - pediatric dentist. It seems there was nothing we could do to make things different or to stop Kaitlynn from getting these cavities. She doesn't walk around drinking all day. She really isn't allowed many sugary drinks. We've limited juice. She is not allowed to drink soda. We also don't have candy and other unhealthy snacks (cookies, chips, etc) in our house. We just don't buy that stuff. She doesn't snack or graze all day. She brushes her teeth regularly. She drinks lots of water. She's a pretty healthy eater. I am so glad that we take her to the dentist and that this was found. I can't imagine the pain she would be in if the cavities went unattended. Unfortunately, we have a tough ecision to make. The dentist said that they could give her a local anesthestic to take care of the cavities, but it would take 2 sessions because of the location of the cavities. She said it would be hard / traumatic on Kaitlynn at first, but she thinks Kaitlynn could do it. Our other option is to take her to a different dentist or hospital and have her sedated and get it done all at once. I just can't imagine having her sedated or giving her a local anesthetic. It totally freaks me out. I just get so anxious every time I think about it. I am so concerned about the side effects (short term and long term) from both of these options. I know that she has to have something done about the cavities, but I just can't seem to get past the anxiousness of it to make a decision. I talked with a good friend, who studies pediatric dentistry, and she was very helpful in giving advice on the situation and what she would do if it were her daughter. So if anyone has had any experience with this, please give me some advice!!

As if that wasn't bad enough, I received a call from the nurse at my doctor's office. One of the things tested Monday in my lab work, came back dangerously low. I had to go back to the lab for more blood work. Too many health concerns in one day for me!

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  1. Don't feel like a bad mom. My oldest is 6 and when she went to the dentist at 4 she had 8 cavities. I cried--I didn't know how it could be. Genetics was the only conclusion, and I didn't floss, but come on who flosses their kids teeth :)So feel good that she only had 3. Learn from me--LOL!!