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Friday, February 19, 2010

Valentine's Day

Sunday, we exchanged Valentine's gifts. Dave gave Kaitlynn some chocolates. Kaitlynn and I gave Dave some books, a Valentine's cookie and some crafts the she made. Dave and Kaitlynn gave me a couple Victoria's Secret bras and matching panties and some Godiva chocolates. We gave Kaitlynn some candy, a Bratz doll (Valentine's Day collector's edition), flash cards, notepad with pen, puzzle and activity book.

We went to the Zoo for their Mardi Gras Parade. We got to watch the March of the Penguins again. We were up really close this time. It was so awesome. Kaitlynn loved it! Penguins are one of her favorite animals. Then she had her face painted. She wanted a Mardi Gras mask. She made a penguin with a toilet paper roll. We had a good time, despite the weather. It was snowing and pretty cold out.

We adopted a king penguin for Kaitlynn. This is part of a Valentine's / birthday gift. With the adoption, she received a 12" plush king penguin, adoption certificate, color photo and fact sheet, car decal and t-shirt transfer, name on the Zoo Parents Kiosk for 1 year and an invitation to the Zoo Parents Picnic.

After the Zoo, we went to the evening church service. Kaitlynn didn't get to attend her KidzMinistry class. She really missed it, but it isn't offered at the Sunday evening service.

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