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Sunday, February 7, 2010

Winter Wonderland and Friends

Kaitlynn attended Motor Masters at the ECC. The theme was Winter Wonderland. After class, Kaitlynn went to MawMaw's preschool for a little bit to play with her friend Tyler.

Kaitlynn and Aidan played really well together and were so cute. Kaitlynn decided to give Aidan a haircut. Of course, he had to get his hair washed first.

Kaitlynn loves taking pictures with our digital camera. She took several of MawMaw and daddy at the house and then took some in the car. She also likes bringing in the trash cans. That is one of her "jobs" at MawMaw's - to help take the trash cans down the driveway and bring them back up.

Here's some videos of Kaitlynn "cutting" Aidan's hair:

Don't worry the scissors are plastic and not sharp at all.

The nurse called with an update to my blood work on Tuesday. The other more comprehensive test, showed things weren't as bad. Now I have to wait for my other doctor to look at the results to see if he wants to make any changes. The nurse did call in a new medication for me that I have to take for the next 10 days and it has been kicking my butt!


  1. Phew about the scissors! I actually did cut my sister's hair when I was about 4 yrs old and she was just a baby. My parents were not pleased...imagine that! ;D

    I'm glad that the test results were pretty good, and hope you'll feel a bit better soon!

  2. Glad the scissors were plastic! Good hope for your bloodwork.