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Saturday, March 20, 2010

Handy Manny Event

Today we went to the Mills Mall for the Handy Manny Kidgits Event. After "checking in" and choosing between a book or an Easter bucket (she chose the bucket), Kaitlynn got to spin the wheel and won a lollipop. She received a license plate and Handy Manny tool box to decorate. She didn't decorate them there because the tables were too crowded. She played in the play area, rode the train twice, played on the rides and the carousel once. We ate lunch and then went to get her birthday gift for being a Kidgits member. She got a coloring book, crayons, puzzle, jump rope, bubbles, a couple toys, coupons, free mylar balloon from Create A Party, and a green Kidgits tote bag. We went to Children's Place to purchase the flip flops that Kaitlynn lives in from Spring to early Fall. She picked out 2 pairs, then we found another pair that were on clearance. Kaitlynn had to wear a pair of her new flip flops as soon as we left the store. We went to Cabela's to look at the different displays. We went to Justice and bought another Zhu Zhu pet (hamster) and then to Gymboree. Every time we go into Gymboree, Kaitlynn always asks to go watch the TV. She, most of the time, just sits and watches or dances / plays around that area while I shop. I got her the cutest swim suit. I can't wait for her to wear it. She loves it too. She had a choice between 3 and picked this one. Then she took it out of the bag and carried it to the car. She fell asleep with it in her hands / lap!

We continued with the Mexican theme and made bean and cheese enchiladas, rice, asparagus and corn for dinner. It was another yummy dinner.

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