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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Happy 3rd Birthday Kaitlynn!

Tuesday the 23rd was Kaitlynn's actual birthday. I can not believe my baby is 3! These 3 years have seemed to fly by. It doesn't seem possible for her to be 3, yet I can't really remember life without her. She has changed our life so much. She has taught us so much. She was the missing piece in our life. She has been the greatest joy and blessing God has given us.

Pictures from past birthdays:
This is a picture from the hospital when I was in labor (MawMaw and PawPaw Dado are also in this picture).
Picture from the hospital
Professional hospital picture
1st birthday cake
1st birthday party
1 year professional pictures
1.5 year professional pictures
2nd birthday party
2nd birthday cake

For Kaitlynn's 3rd birthday, she attended a Grandparent's Class at her school with MawMaw. They had fun singing songs and making crafts. They even sang "Happy Birthday" to Kaitlynn! We picked up lunch and went to Kangaroo Kids where Kaitlynn played with Annabelle. Later that evening, MawMaw took Kaitlynn to Applebee's for a birthday dinner.

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