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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Pretty Eyes

Yesterday morning / early afternoon while Kaitlynn and I were getting dressed, we were in the bathroom and Kaitlynn said "Mommy your eyes are pretty." I said "My eyes are pretty? Thank you." She said "Your eyes are pretty with that shirt." Then she asked if they match. I said, "Well, Kaitlynn my shirt is red and my eyes are blue." She is such a sweet and funny girl.

She went to preschool to see her friends Tyler and Jordan. They played outside for a bit since it was so nice. She loves to boss Tyler around and Jordan loves to boss her and Tyler around. I should say try to boss her around. She really doesn't let him boss her around and Tyler doesn't let him boss Kaitlynn around, either. It's funny seeing them interact with each other. She was so cute running around with her St. Patrick's necklace and bracelet and a crown. The boys are totally fine with her being a princess. In fact, Jordan told her she looked like one!

She had a lot of fun playing with Sassy and running around with daddy in MawMaw's yard. She hit her nose and forehead on the picnic table and was still concerned about being able to play outside. She didn't even want to come in to eat dinner. She loves being outside. I can't wait for spring (and neither can she)!

We had to return a couple of recent birthday gifts that she received and she convinced us that with her gift cards, she should get a water table. The only problem: she thinks she can use it in the house. No way! It is going outside.


  1. Water tables are so much fun - but you are right, an outdoor activity for sure! Following you back!

  2. It will be so nice when Spring arrives! I'm not quite sure what a water table is (I'm thinking like a sand box, but with water?) - but it certainly sounds like it should be used outside!