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Friday, April 30, 2010

Zoo and Date Night

Friday, the 23rd, Kaitlynn, Aidan and I met Gail, Parker, Leah, Ryan, Stacy, Sophie, Camden and the twins (our CBW Playgroup) at the Zoo. We were hoping that the rain was going to hold off until late afternoon. We were wrong. As soon as we headed out of The Living World, we started feeling sprinkles. We took cover in the Penguin and Puffin Cove (and gift shop). The rain let up and we headed over to the Jungle of the Apes. We got stuck there and were luckily under a covering. We went to the Primate House and Reptile House, ate lunch and then went to Zoomagination Station.
Kaitlynn and Aidan playing at Zoomagination Station.

That evening, Dave and I went on a Date Night at a church. We listened to Michael O'Brien and heard his love story (for Jesus and his wife). There was a surprise visit from Deidre Pujols. Albert and Deidre contacted Michael to sing at the renewing of their vows. Deidre wrote a song with Michael for that occasion. It was a wonderful night of great music, great speakers and worship!

Kaitlynn was so excited that Hanna came over to stay with her. She was a little upset that Adam couldn't come.

Earth Day 2010

No it wasn't raining, yet. Kaitlynn just couldn't wait to use her umbrella.
Aidan and Kaitlynn in their Earth Day shirts.

P.A.T. Visit and M.N.O.

Wednesday, the 21st, Kaitlynn's P.A.T. Educator, Amy, came over. This was Kaitlynn's first 3 year old visit. They played a dice game that involved counting and turn taking. They did some more counting activities with cheerios. I talked to Amy about Kaitlynn attending preschool in the fall and having 2 imaginary friends. She said she thought Kaitlynn would really enjoy preschool and was happy to hear what location we are sending her to. She said that imaginary friends was very typical at this age and she would send me some information on it (since it was in the handouts for the next visit).

Later, Kaitlynn had fun playing with Lever outside.

That evening I went out for a M.N.O. with one of the playgroup's were are involved with. There were 6 of us that were able to make it out. Last year there were more like 13 of us. We had pedicures / manicures and then went to The Cheesecake Factory for drinks and desert. It was a fun night!
I was really pampered - I got a pedi and a mani!

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Procedure Scheduled

Monday, the 19th, Kaitlynn had a dentist appointment with a pediatric dentist that does sedation and general anesthesia (and is covered by our insurance). When we first arrived, Kaitlynn asked where the fish were. She is so used to seeing fish at the doctors' offices. Her pediatrician and the other pediatric dentist have huge fish tanks in their waiting rooms. Kaitlynn and Aidan played with the toys in the waiting area. The dentist called us back and talked to me a bit about the situation and then talked to Kaitlynn. We went back to the dental chair where the assistant took Kaitlynn's picture and then the dentist counted her teeth. While Kaitlynn went to get x-rays, I talked with the dentist about her cavities and sedation vs. general anesthesia. We talked about the long term and short term effects and the pros and cons to each. We ended up deciding on sedation. There are many pros to sedation: easier on her / not as traumatic, will only need to be seen once, won't have to be restrained, faster recovery, won't have to have her mouth numbed. The cons to sedation: there is nothing protecting her airway during the procedure, she will wake up crying from it, she will have to have an IV put in (after she is sedated though). Kaitlynn has to be seen by her pediatrician within 1-2 weeks before the procedure to make sure she does not have a cold. If she has a cold they will have to reschedule the procedure as it could cause her to get pneumonia. The day of the procedure, they will check her over again to make sure she is not sick / have a cold. Lots of precautions in place. The procedure will take about 40 minutes. During the procedure, Dave and I will be in the waiting room (I will probably be worried and crying my eyes out), the dentist will consult with us after the procedure and we will be able to see her. She will be in recovery for about an hour, then we can go home. The procedure is scheduled for the end of May. She actually has 5 cavaties - 3 surface ones and 2 that are between her teeth. The dentist said that Kaitlynn's teeth are tighter than most 3 year olds, so it is important for her to floss. He also said that fruit snacks are bad for causing cavities between the teeth.

I am so freaked out about this procedure and her being sedated. I am more comfortable with her being sedated than her having the general anesthesia, but I am still scared. I mean nothing protecting her airway! What? I just have to pray to God and have faith in Him that things will be OK and that nothing goes wrong. I know this pediatric dentist does plenty of sedations and is board certified.

That afternoon Kaitlynn had fun playing with the dogs.

That evening Hanna and Adam came over to watch Kaitlynn, so Dave and I could go to church. Kaitlynn has so much fun with Hanna and Adam. Kaitlynn and Adam usually play Yahtzee Jr. together.

Thursday, April 22, 2010


Sunday we attended church. Kaitlynn enjoyed her class. Her teacher was so sweet. She kept saying how sweet Kaitlynn is and how she is such a good girl. I could tell she really enjoys working with the kids.

Kaitlynn played outside with the dogs until Hanna, Adam and Brandon came over. They had a picnic in the backyard while Dave and I attended Dedication class.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

On The Go

We had a very busy Saturday. Kaitlynn had an activity at her school called On The Go. Different vehicles were there for the kids to explore like a police car, paramedics, mail truck, water patrol, caterpillar and fire truck. You could also take a school bus ride and see a helicopter land. Kaitlynn enjoyed the school bus ride. She was a little apprehensive about checking out some of the cars / trucks. She loved the police dog, Ola and learning about what she does.
Lever loves it outside. We had Bailey, Sassy and Lever outside most of the day. Kaitlynn loves running around with them.
Kaitlynn attended her friend's birthday party at The Little Gym. Kaitlynn was in a mood because she fell asleep about 5 minutes before we arrived. She was so tired from our busy day. She had been going since early that morning.

Hanging with Friends

Friday night Dave and I went out with some friends for one of their birthdays. We went to a bar that we frequent as a group. We always have a good time with this group. It was fun catching up with them. Everyone's lives have changed so much since the last time we all hung out. I have to say everyone seems happy, which is what you want for your friends. Kaitlynn had a good time staying home because she got to hang out with Hanna and Adam. She loves when they come over.

Go Cards!

Thursday Kaitlynn went to her Kids in the Kitchen class. They made Fred Bird hats, had circle time, sang "Take Me Out To The Ballgame" and then got started on cooking.
They shredded cheese for nachos, counted out the number of peanuts that corresponded to their age and cracked them, made caramel popcorn, put ketchup and relish on their hotdogs and made a slushie. Kaitlynn did great in class this week! At the end of class, all the kids wore their Fred Bird hats along with their teacher and had a picture taken. It was so cute!
Kaitlynn and I came home and took the dogs out. Lever loves our big backyard! Then Kaitlynn and I went to MawMaw's. We took MawMaw to the mall to get her out of the house and walking around.

It's Official!

We have adopted

an 8 week old

puppy. Kaitlynn fell in love with him at the Expo on Saturday the 10th. We filled out an application to adopt him.

His foster mom called and said he was ours on Wednesday the 14th. Kaitlynn, MawMaw and I went to pick him up that evening. He is just adorable! His name is Lever (like the soap) and he is a terrier.

Why are there 3 dogs in these pictures, you ask? MawMaw has been having trouble taking care of Sassy (her puggle) since getting out of the hospital, so we brought her home to take care of her for MawMaw. Kaitlynn loves Sassy.
Bailey and Sassy get along really well, too. She has done well in our home and has been staying with us since the 12th.
Sassy and Lever get along really well. Bailey is not so much into Lever. It will just take time for her to get used to him. Lever is going to be a big boy - probably about 50lbs!

First Spring Visit to the Zoo (this year)

Wednesday the 14th, Kaitlynn, Aidan and I met Eileen, Gabe and Merci at the Children's Zoo. The kids had fun seeing and petting a tortoise and a snake. We went through River's Edge where we saw a rhino, hippos, hyenas, a cheetah, and the elephants. We stopped for lunch, then went to the Jungle of the Apes. We saw them being fed. Kaitlynn and Gabe played in the misters and afterwards Kaitlynn said "it was like taking a shower. A shower with Gabe." I looked at Eileen and we just smiled and laughed. We saw the penguins, puffins and bears. The kids had a good time running around and seeing the animals. It was a beautiful day for the Zoo!


Sunday the 11th, we went to church. Kaitlynn enjoyed her class. When we asked what she learned she said "Jesus went back to heaven." She is always so excited to hear and learn about Jesus! After church, we had lunch at El Maguey.

Monday, Dave and I attended a class at church. Kaitlynn was so excited for Hanna and Adam to come over to watch her.

Tuesday, I attended a class at church about the Bible. Kaitlynn and I went to see MawMaw. She is still feeling pretty weak and not able to do much. We did go out to dinner with her though just to get her out of the house.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

6 Degrees of Blogging

I was catching up with the blogs I follow in Google Reader and came across my newest follower, fickleinpink, the dark side's blog post "6 Degrees of Blogging". She came across this via Julia's blog, Work, Wife, Mom...Life. If you want to join in click here for the rules.

I started on my blog with the blogger who left me the most recent comment Rita at One 2 Try, then from her blog I went to the first blog link I found which was Tami at Hearts Make Families, then went to the last comment left on her blog which was from Nichol at Kiddies Corner Deals, from there I went to the first blog link I found which was 5 Minutes for Mom, from there I went to the latest forum activity blog link which was Mary at 512 Kidz and finally for the 6th blog I went to the first blog link I found on Mary's blog, so here is the blog that I am featuring:
Seeryus Mama buttonSky at Seeryus Mama.
She blogs about parenting, reviews and giveaways.
I had already been following One 2 Try, Hearts Make Families and 5 Minutes for Mom, so the other blogs are all new to me. What a great way to meet some new bloggers! Thanks for getting this started Julia!

Expo and Outside

Today, we went to the Baby Kid Expo in St. Charles. I worked at the booth for a few hours, while Dave and Kaitlynn walked around. Kaitlynn got an elephant balloon made, got her face painted like a butterfly and had a flower balloon bracelet made. Dave entered to win a stroller and a car seat. Yes, I know we have these things, but we are not particularly fond of Kaitlynn's car seat. I did so much research on car seats and thought I was picking a good one, but we just don't like it. We are in the market for a new one, but it would be great if we could win one or I could review one and then get to keep it!
(sorry these are blurry, they are from my cell and Kaitlynn wouldn't stand still)
eating kettle corn
While working at the booth / table, I got to see some friends from MLM and a fellow blogger Trena. After working, I walked around with Dave and Kaitlynn. We had a lot of fun. There is one picture that I can not post yet because we may be making an announcement in the next week or two (and I don't want to ruin it). It is such a cute picture though, so I can't wait!

After we got home, Kaitlynn played out in the yard. While Dave mowed the lawn, I vacuumed the house and Kaitlynn climbed the tree. She also played with Mya and Leah.

After Kaitlynn went to bed, Dave and I had dinner outside by the chiminea. I love relaxing outside in the spring evenings with the chiminea going!

A Past Win

I just realized that I forgot to post about something I won a few months back. I entered a contest back in January on Bri's blog Silver Savings, Freebies and Giveaways for a Flirty Apron. On February 3rd, she contacted me about winning. I chose the Sassy Black Apron and was super excited about winning. I wanted this apron so bad! I can't believe I forgot to post about it. I guess I was just too excited!
Isn't this one super cute?
Thanks so much Bri (and sorry I didn't post about it sooner)!


The other day Kaitlynn made Annabelle and herself bracelets.

Friday, Kaitlynn and daddy made me a bracelet.

Friday, April 9, 2010

A Message from Jasmine and Pumpkin

Happy Belated Easter!
Jasmine and Pumpkin decided to lay in Kaitlynn's Easter basket.

Friday Follow

Hello to all my new Friday Follow Followers and welcome back to all my previous Friday Follow Followers! I have missed the last few Fridays so I am glad to be back.

If you are new (or old) to reading my blog, feel free to look around to get to know me.

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Thursday, April 8, 2010


Monday, Dave brought these home!
Kaitlynn and Aidan enjoyed playing outside this week.

Easter Swap

I participated in the Easter Swap through The Mommy-Files. My partner was Heather at Giggling Kids.

Kaitlynn and I (and Dave) enjoyed our package. Heather sent us a stuffed Easter bunny, Twix mini candy bars, M&M peanuts, bubbles, Veggie Tales chocolates, Easter bunny shelf sitter, bunny hutch chocolate house, dish towels and scrubber.

Kaitlynn and I enjoyed shopping for Heather. Here's a peak at what we sent her:

Wednesday, April 7, 2010


First let me start by saying "Jesus has risen! He has risen indeed!" We woke up early and had an Easter egg hunt around our house after getting dressed. Kaitlynn got her Easter basket from us. We went out for breakfast to Mimi's Cafe, which was awesome. I had the Capresse omelet, which was delicious. Dave had the Sante Fe wrap, which he said was also delicious. What a great place for breakfast and everyone was so friendly! Everyone kept talking about how cute Kaitlynn was in her Easter dress and hat. She loved the attention. She also loved walking around the cafe. We arrived at church early because we wanted to make sure Kaitlynn was able to get in her class and we had a seat in the auditorium or loft. Kaitlynn attended her class and we sat in the auditorium. What an amazing and uplifting worship service. The music and the teaching were just so amazing! What a great way to worship Jesus! We have such amazing teachers at our church. I thank God for leading us there (and I thank Danielle for planting the seed). After hanging out at church, we went up to the hospital and had lunch with MawMaw and Hanna. It seemed to take forever for MawMaw to get discharged. She had to wait for the IV antibiotics to finish and for one last breathing treatment. She was finally able to leave around 5PM. We went to her house and started cooking Easter supper. What a delicious supper we had. MawMaw had to rest quite a bit because it took a lot out of her coming home. We were truly thankful this Easter as we remembered what Easter was truly about - Jesus dying for our sins and rising from the dead. We were also so thankful for getting to spend it with our family that we love so much and that are so supportive of us. I want to thank our friends that emailed, texted and called to check on us while MawMaw was in the hospital. That meant so much to us. True friendship is so hard to find. Thank you for that. God bless you!

Kaitlynn had fun painting with her new Mickey and Minnie Mouse paint set and making the chocolate bunny hutch sent by my Easter Swap partner from The Mommy Files. I will post a separate entry for that soon. She loved hanging out with Aunt Neese, Uncle Jeff, Hanna, Adam and Brandon. She also, of course, loved to see MawMaw and MawMaw Tommie.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Easter Egg Hunt

Saturday, we went to an Easter Egg Hunt at a local church. There were a lot of kids there to participate. Everyone met in the sanctuary for warming up, learning about the Resurrection eggs, instructions and prayer. The kids 0-5 had the top of the hill and kids 6-12 had the bigger hill. I was glad they divided the ages up. Although, it ended up that the majority of kids were in the 0-5 range, so there really weren't enough eggs hid for them. Not that that was the organizers' fault. You never know what age the kids are going to be. It was a lot of fun. They had a few big eggs hid and inside them were either a card for an Easter basket filled with candy or a plastic person which was free registration to VBS. Kaitlynn found a big egg and won an Easter basket filled with lots of candy.
We should have brought a bigger basket for her. Oh well, hopefully we will remember that for next year.

The basket she won for finding one of the big eggs.

We went to visit MawMaw at the hospital. She was doing better. The plan was for her to be released some time on Easter. She was up walking around and still not using oxygen!

Dying Easter Eggs

Friday, April 2nd my allergies were really acting up and I was just completely ran down from the week.

We dyed Easter eggs that evening anyway.

Kaitlynn did a pretty great job this year. She was very into dying eggs.

April Fool's Day

The day started out very sucky. I missed my Women's group at church. Later that afternoon, I took Kaitlynn to her Kids in the Kitchen class. There are a lot of kids in that class and most of them are 4 or 5 years old. The theme was Foolish Foods. Kaitlynn acted up during class. She actually took her flip flops off and put her foot on the table. She refused to sit in her seat and wouldn't try any of her food she made. It was horrible. I couldn't wait to leave.

Kaitlynn fell asleep as soon as we got in the car. I knew something had to be up with the way she was acting. We visited MawMaw in the hospital.
Kaitlynn was pretending to be MawMaw's doctor. She was asking her what was wrong and what hurt.

We met daddy and Hanna at home and went to Bread Co for dinner. Hanna hung out with Kaitlynn while Dave and I attended the Good Friday Experience at our church. It was an amazing experience and really put things into perspective.

Still in the Hospital

Monday, March 29th I ran some errands for MawMaw. She had the scope procedure done and called soon after to say she was doing well. When I saw the phone number from the hospital appear on my cell about an hour after the procedure started, I got very nervous. It was MawMaw saying that she was out of the procedure, awake and feeling fine! They also checked her heart again and said her heart was still doing great. The chest x-ray was better, too.

Kaitlynn played outside with Mya, but then had to come in to take a nap (since she was having a major meltdown). Later, Kaitlynn and Aidan played outside with the Mya, Leah and their cousin.

Tuesday, Kaitlynn and I visited MawMaw at the hospital, then came home to babysit Aidan.

We ran some errands and I went back up to the hospital that evening. They started PT on MawMaw to get her up walking around. It was an anxious evening at the hospital. Since they were giving her so much through her IVs, they kept blowing the vein and had to keep moving the IV. Tuesday night the supervisor could not find a vein that was strong enough or not bruised. They put warm blankets on her arms and I was praying like crazy. I think we all were. When the supervisor came back in the room about 10 minutes later, as soon as she removed the first warm blanket, there was a huge vein popping through! Thankfully that vein was strong enough to put the IV in.

Wednesday, Kaitlynn, Aidan and I ran some errands. We purchased MawMaw a new pair of pajamas to wear while in the hospital. MawMaw was off her oxygen the entire day!

Palm Sunday

Sunday, March 28th we attended church. It was an awesome service. We were given a purple strip of thread to wear as a bracelet, keep in our pocket, do whatever we wanted with it. It was to remind us what Jesus did for us during the next few weeks. The color purple symbolizes royalty and suffering. Dave and I chose to wear them on our wrists.
In class, Kaitlynn received a palm and made a palm leaf.

I visited MawMaw at the hospital. The doctors were saying that it is possible that the infection she has could be contagious. They scheduled to do the scope procedure on Monday to try to identifiy the bacteria.

Gabe's 3rd Birthday Party

Saturday, March 27th we attended Gabe's 3rd Birthday Party. The theme was a Neverland (Peter Pan / Pirates) Pajama Party. This was Kaitlynn's first pajama party! Kaitlynn wore her Tinker Bell night gown along with her Princess slippers.

They had to dig for buried treasures.

We went to visit MawMaw at the hospital. Her breathing / oxygen level was better. The lung specialist consulted with us. He said they may have to do a scope procedure to check out the shadows on her lungs. He said she has some type of bacteria that they are unsure of what it is. They were testing for everything and I mean everything!

Build-A-Bear Chipmunks

Friday, March 26th, Kaitlynn played outside with Turtle. We also visited MawMaw in the hospital. They did a CT scan and more blood tests. The doctors said her lungs were very inflamed, especially her right lung and that they were bringing in a lung specialist.

Dave, Kaitlynn and I went to Build-A-Bear, so Kaitlynn could get Brittany and Alvin. This was an early Easter gift. She had a lot of fun stuffing and bathing them!

We went back up to the hospital to show MawMaw her chipmunks.