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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Easter Egg Hunt

Saturday, we went to an Easter Egg Hunt at a local church. There were a lot of kids there to participate. Everyone met in the sanctuary for warming up, learning about the Resurrection eggs, instructions and prayer. The kids 0-5 had the top of the hill and kids 6-12 had the bigger hill. I was glad they divided the ages up. Although, it ended up that the majority of kids were in the 0-5 range, so there really weren't enough eggs hid for them. Not that that was the organizers' fault. You never know what age the kids are going to be. It was a lot of fun. They had a few big eggs hid and inside them were either a card for an Easter basket filled with candy or a plastic person which was free registration to VBS. Kaitlynn found a big egg and won an Easter basket filled with lots of candy.
We should have brought a bigger basket for her. Oh well, hopefully we will remember that for next year.

The basket she won for finding one of the big eggs.

We went to visit MawMaw at the hospital. She was doing better. The plan was for her to be released some time on Easter. She was up walking around and still not using oxygen!

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